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2018-10-17 / Police Blotter

Police tell men to stop swearing with signs

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Oct. 8

• Police responded to a residence on Elmwood Avenue after a woman reported that a man who was not welcome in her apartment was pounding on her door at about 2 a.m. The responding officer advised the man that he was not welcome and transported him to a residence on Euclid Avenue.

• A resident of Victoria Boulevard called police to report that he was continuing to have problems with his next door neighbor. Officers advised both men to take down the obscenities they posted in their windows for each other to see, and stay away from each other.

• Police were told by a resident of Nassau Avenue that some of his property had been damaged, reporting about 40 minutes later that his roommate had poured cooking oil on it. The man did not press charges but chose to pack up his things and leave with his uncle.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

• An officer out on patrol was flagged down by a pedestrian on Delaware Avenue, who reported that there was a “strong odor” coming from the parking lot of a nearby restaurant. The officer discovered that the odor was emanating from a leaking barrel of cooking oil and informed the management, who promised to clean it up.

• A resident of West Hazeltine

Avenue reported that a man with a ponytail carrying a bag was attempting to open cars on the street. Responding officers located the man at the corner of West Hazeltine and Eugene avenues, and arrested him.

• Police received an anonymous tip that a man who has outstanding warrants with Amherst police was working at a business on Kenmore Avenue and using his brother’s ID to avoid being arrested. Employees of the business told the responding officer they had no idea who the man was.

Wednesday, Oct. 10

• An employee of a staffing agency on Kenmore Avenue reported that she had been threatened by a job seeker, who had come into the business several times to apply for work and had been denied. Police advised her to call back if the man returned.

• Police received a call from a Mang Avenue resident who reported that a man had her keys, and wouldn’t give them back. She later reported that she had found them, and that they had been in her possession the entire time.

• The tenant of an apartment on Chapel Road called police to report that her neighbor was drunk and yelling, and she thought he “may have a loaded rifle with numerous magazines.” The responding officer said there were no issues with the man’s rifle.

Thursday, Oct. 11

• Police received a report that a suspicious woman on Delaware Avenue wearing a pink shirt and black pants had directed an elderly woman to withdraw money from an ATM and was now waiting outside a bank for her. The responding officer located the woman, who said she was only taking her mother to the bank.

• A resident of Girard Boulevard told police that he was concerned that a contractor working nearby would not clean up after himself and was also “scraping the street.” The responding officer reassured the man that the contractor would clean the street when finished working.

• Police received a call from a resident of Kenmore Avenue who reported that a man walking toward Elmwood Avenue who appeared to be blind might walk out into traffic. The responding officer checked the area but could not locate the walker.

Friday, Oct. 12

• A resident of Victoria Boulevard reported that a man with bushy hair wearing a black jacket had been staring at her for 20 minutes from a Jeep parked outside her house. The responding officer found that the man was an employee of a hardware store on Hertel Avenue who was doing work in the area.

• Police received a report from a woman who said she had been harassed by an employee of Paddock Chevrolet over parking issues on North End Avenue. After viewing surveillance footage of the man yelling at the woman, the officer advised the employee about his behavior and parking restrictions in the area.

• A resident of Euclid Avenue told police that she witnessed a slender man in a dark coat and jeans break into an abandoned house nearby through a front window. The man was located and arrested.

Saturday, Oct. 13

• A resident of Parkwood Avenue told police that a heavyset man was at his back door looking for someone who doesn’t live at the house. Responding officers advised the man, who was later picked up by an Uber driver.

• Police received a call from an employee of the Corner Store location on Delaware Avenue, who reported that a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and gray pants was harassing customers and refused to leave. The responding detective told the man not to return to the store.

Sunday, Oct. 14

• A resident of Delaware Avenue told police that her significant other pushed her during an argument. The responding officer found the two women were arguing over whose turn it was to use the bathroom. The women were advised.

• Police received a call from the landlord of a Kenmore Avenue residence, who said a window and door at the back of an empty house nearby were wide open and that he had discovered what appeared to be drug baggies upon investigation. He called for additional patrols of the area.

Total calls: 209

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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