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2010-12-01 / Local News

Pair arrested following drug sale


Two people were arrested by Kenmore police on the evening of Nov. 22 after a resident reported a possible drug transaction on Kinsey Avenue near the horse path.

According to the police report, the caller reported the presence of a woman in a black Saturn and a male who was standing in the street leaning in her window near 400 Kinsey.

Upon arrival, an officer began questioning the two parties.

The police report stated that the male, who was identified as Jason Kramer, 30, of Kinsey Avenue, claimed he was just talking to a friend. However, the driver, Joaneth K. Root, 44, of Buffalo, stated that she was lost and was asking for directions.

As Root was being questioned, she reportedly removed numerous prescription pills from her purse and showed them to the officer.

When the officer asked Kramer if he had anything in his possession, he said, “Just my own medication,” which he took out of his pocket and gave to the officer.

Another officer then arrived at the scene to conduct a pat down search of both parties. Police reported that during the search, a cigarette pack containing two clear bags fell out of Kramer’s right pant leg. There were 30 yellow pills labeled as Kadian 20mg (morphine) in each bag— the same pills for which Root had a prescription. There were also five pills identified as Alprazolam and two Tramadol Hydrochloride pills.

According to the police report, after several story changes, Root voluntarily stated that she was desperate for money and sold 60 Kadian pills to Kramer in an attempt to get some extra cash.

Root was then charged with the sale of a controlled substance in the third degree, which is a Class B felony. Police also noted that there was a warrant for her arrest in the Village of Lancaster.

Kramer was charged with criminal possession with intent to sell, a Class B felony, and criminal possession of a controlled substance, a C felony. He was also charged with a Public Health Law violation of having controlled substances in non-original containers.

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