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2010-12-01 / Police Blotter

Glowing eyes, smoke seen

Village of Kenmore

Friday, Nov. 19

• A 70-year-old Chapel Road resident reported that he was having trouble finding things in his apartment. He then told police that he will have a friend come over to help him.

Saturday, Nov. 20

• An employee at a Kenmore Avenue pizzeria reported that there was a vehicle with two occupants parked outside the business for nearly an hour. An officer reported that there were a pair of males in the vehicle who stated that they were waiting for a friend who went to go use a bathroom at a nearby business.

• There was a report that a man was seen panhandling at a Colvin Boulevard pharmacy. An officer reported that the man was asking customers for money to buy a candy bar. The man was advised that he cannot go around asking people for money.

Sunday, Nov. 21

• A 25-year-old man was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Delaware Avenue.

• A female went to police headquarters to report that she had accidently dropped her keys in a yellow donation box for a local homeless shelter. She requested assistance with retrieving her keys.

Monday, Nov. 22

• A Euclid Avenue resident reported that he covered a pan in plastic and placed it on the stove. He said he then turned on the oven and the plastic melted, causing the house to fill with smoke. An officer reported that members of the Kenmore Fire Department handled the situation.

• A Delaware Road library employee complained that a female resident kept calling the library each day for the past week to address issues that didn’t concern the library.

Tuesday, Nov. 23

• An Elmwood Avenue gas station employee reported problems with a customer. An officer reported that there was a dispute between the cashier and a 29-year-old male. The male stated that the cashier owned him $5. The officer reported that the male was given $5 and advised not to return to the gas station.

• A female went to police headquarters to talk to an officer regarding her 15-year-old daughter “hanging out” with an 18-year-old male. The woman was referred to the Kenmore Juvenile Aid Bureau.

• A male caller reported that he saw glowing eyes and smoke at a house on Knowlton Avenue. An officer and members of the Kenmore Village Fire Department reported that they checked the area and were unable to locate a fire.

Wednesday, Nov. 24

• A Columbia Boulevard resident reported that an unknown male came to her house. She reported that the male stated that he was from the American Red Cross and asked her if she wanted to donate blood. The complainant then said the male got into a vehicle and left the area. She said she was concerned because her house is for sale and she thought the male was trying to check out the inside.

• A Kenmore Avenue pizzeria employee reported that someone called to place an order but then didn’t come to pick up the items.

Thursday, Nov. 25

• A patron at a Delaware Avenue tavern reported that three men were involved in an altercation and that one of the men was left lying on the floor after the incident. An officer reported that two men got into an altercation with a third man, but none of the parties involved wanted to pursue the matter any further. The male who was injured declined medical treatment.

• A North End Avenue resident reported that someone broke into his house and wrote something on his mirror. The complainant was uncertain if any items had been taken from his home.

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