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2012-03-28 / Local News

Town resident, blogger creates ‘12 Missions’ campaign to support local organizations

Sondel Sondel Town of Tonawanda resident, Krystal Sondel, is supporting 12 local organizations through her “12 Missions in ‘12” campaign via Lovin’ On Buffalo.

Lovin’ On Buffalo (www.lovinonbuffalo.com) is a Buffalo blog showcasing people, businesses and organizations in Buffalo and Western New York.

Sondel started the blog up in May 2011.

With so many great restaurants, places to visit, history, people and organizations, Sondel said she wanted to spread the word about Western New York.

Above and beyond that, she said she wanted to use the blog as a way to reach out to local organizations that could use some free PR, and make a difference in the area.

In late December 2011, Sondel unveiled her “12 Missions in ’12” campaign for 2012.

The plan is simple; find a way to fundraise for 12 local organizations that Krystal believes in. Organizations on the list include Danceability Inc., 10th Chance Animal

Rescue, Gerard Place, Hospice Buffalo, Roswell Park, The Eniola Sisters, Catholic Charities and Special

Spaces Buffalo, among others.

In January, Krystal supported Gerard Place by collecting and purchasing items from their wish list. She surpassed her goal of 100 items and over 120 were donated.

In February/March, Krystal earned for and participated in the American Lung Association of NY’s “Fight For Air Climb” and raised over $1100 for this organization. Projects have been laid out to support Hospice Buffalo (partnership with Faces of Buffalo), Roswell Park (participation in The Ride For Roswell), and Catholic Charities (putting together at least 100 hygiene bags they will then distribute to the community). More projects will be announced throughout the year.

“I love Buffalo. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t purchase something local, spread the word about local businesses/organizations, and enjoy all that Buffalo has to offer,” said Sondel. “Growing up in this area, I have such pride in all the great things that go on here, many of them that go unnoticed by the general public.”

“ Lovin’ On Buffalo is a way to celebrate some of these great things that go under the radar. “12 Missions in ‘12” is proof, that one person can make a difference, even on a small scale to improve the city and Western New York.” she said.

New blogs are posted weekly, and cover anything and everything Buffalo related. If you are a local business, small business owner, or have a story that needs to be shared with the city, you can contact Sondel at ksondel@hotmail.com.

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