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2012-04-04 / Front Page

Blaze blamed on stovetop heating

Darlene M. Donohue, editor

A Sunday morning fire, which caused an estimated $30,000 in damage to the contents and structure of a residence in the Sheridan-Parkside community, was reportedly sparked by an inappropriate method of home heating.

Chief Jim Chatham of the Sheridan Park Fire Company said firefighters responded shortly after 6:30 a.m. to a four-family unit on Balzac Court after a neighboring resident notified the department of a working fire.

The neighbor reported that people in another unit were heard trying to extinguish the fire themselves.

The chief said that when his crews arrived at the scene, a male and a child were standing outside 45 Balzac and a fire could be seen coming out of a kitchen area and smoke streaming up to the second floor. Fire crews had the fire under control in less than 15 minutes.

It was determined that the fire started as a result of the family using their stovetop burners to heat their home, Chatham said.

According to Chatham, all four burners were lit when crews entered the residence. He said the fire coming from the burners heated a section of cabinets hanging above the stove.

“The family claims they were cooking, but there was no evidence of that,” said the chief. “There is no reason to use a stove to heat a home.”

He added that one male was removed from the burning structure via a second-story window and that all others who live in the burning residence, along with those in neighboring dwellings, evacuated the premises safely.

A man and a woman, both in their early to mid-20s, were evaluated at the scene.

Mutual aid was provided by the City of Tonawanda and Brighton fire companies.

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