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2012-04-04 / Police Blotter

‘Deplorable’ apartment ‘dirty but livable,’ say police

Saturday, March 24

There was a report that a male who appeared to be about 20 years old was entering vehicles parked in a Delaware Avenue dealership’s lot. An officer reported that the male was asked to leave the premises and told that if he returned, he would be arrested.

A woman reported that her brother has not been eating lately and that his Delaware Avenue apartment is in deplorable condition. An officer reported that the male wasn’t home and that the apartment appeared to be dirty but livable. The apartment manager reported that the man had just left the building after paying his rent for the month.

Sunday, March 25

There was a complaint that a dog that was tied up outside on Kenmore Avenue has been barking for a while. An officer reported that the dog was brought back into the house and its owner advised of the complaint.

Monday, March 26

An officer reported that a woman was standing outside a Victoria Boulevard residence because she had consumed too much alcohol. The officer advised the woman to go in the house for the evening, and she complied.

There was a report of a man sleeping inside an Elmwood Avenue business. An officer reported that the man was waiting for the bus. The man was sent on his way and advised not to return unless he was occupying the business for a purpose.

A Shepard Avenue female reported that it appeared someone had shot her vehicle using a BB gun sometime during the night. An officer reported that there was a small dent on the vehicle’s rear driver’s side door.

Tuesday, March 27

A female Washington Avenue resident reported that her daughter broke her bedroom door down and took her jewelry box.

Wednesday, March 28

• A complainant reported that a suspicious looking vehicle pulled up to him, and it appeared that the person who was inside the vehicle was selling drugs. An officer reported that what the complainant saw was a man selling a car. The man presented the officer with money and a receipt to verify that the sale had taken place.

Dispatch reported that a call came in from an Elmwood Avenue address, and that all that could be heard was yelling and screaming in the background before the call was cut off. An officer reported that a mother and son were arguing over household chairs. The pair were advised, and no further assistance was needed.

Thursday, March 29

• A male reported that the door on a Delaware Avenue pizzeria was broken and the pizzeria left completely accessible from the sidewalk. An officer reported that the door was smashed out and a register was missing. The officer was unable to contact the business owner, but the building landlord did respond to secure the building.

A Somerton Avenue resident reported that a female resident in a lower apartment took a pipe and used it to smash the outside door to the side of the house. An officer reported that the resident located her keys in the house. She said she smashed a window because the complainant wouldn’t answer the door. The woman said she has every intention of paying for the window repair.

Friday, March 30

A Hiler Avenue resident reported that her father-in-law was in the house and taking property without her permission. An officer reported that there was no one at the home and the house was locked up.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.

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