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2012-04-18 / Editorial

Field trips are one-of-kind learning experiences

Field trips may be the most fond memory a student and teachers will have during their educational careers.

They complement instruction inside the classroom and help improve students’ cogni- tive and inquiry skills while increasing their self-confidence and overall knowledge.

The new environment and information provided by the field trip stimulates youth awareness, opens their perception and increases their reasoning abilities.

Field trips help students improve their recall abilities, allowing them to see and experience their teachings.

When we were in school most field trips consisted of a day visit to some place local that only educated on one thing.

We would go to Old Fort Niagara to learn about history or to the Buffalo Zoo for an animal lesson. These were great trips, but we really want to transport ourselves back to high school today and have the experience that some Kenmore East High School students are going to have this week during a field trip to New Orleans, which offers entertainment other than just the Marti Gras celebration.

This trip is going to cover several areas of education that can’t be learned during a trip to an amusement park — also a favorite spot for field trip goers.

While in the Big Easy, students will explore science, music and art by studying environmental issues through viewing the wetlands regeneration following extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, perform in concerts at area middle schools and high schools, and visit the New Orleans Museum of Art and Sculpture Gardens. Students will venture into the art component of the trip by participating in two days of visits to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and St. Louis Cathedral.

We plan to keep tabs on the students’experience via the blog of Bryan Goyette, school band president, at http://neworleans2012.blogspot.com.

We find it to be far more beneficial and satisfying to financially support these types of field trips because it will offer the students so much variety, and a chance to see a part of the country that is seasoned with culture and history that is far different from what we have here in Western New York.

With the ongoing budget crunches that many school districts face, we hope that there will also be wiggle room to fund the experience that field trips offer to students.

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