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2012-04-18 / Police Blotter

Scattered mail makes resident suspicious of neighbor

Saturday, April 7

A member of the City of Tonawanda Police Department requested that Kenmore Police contact the parents of a female minor who was picked up from an underage drinking party in their jurisdiction. A dispatcher stated that patrols made contact with the minor’s parents, and that the minor was dropped off at home.

A Parkwood Avenue resident reported that there was a female pounding on her front door while yelling “I’m not going anywhere” for the past 10 minutes. An officer reported that the woman was trying to contact her child’s father who was not home.

A Hamilton Boulevard resident reported that there was an underage drinking party taking place at the neighboring house. Upon patrols’ arrival, the youths had left the area.

Sunday, April 8

• A passerby reported that four to five youths were holding BB guns while running around Crosby Field. An officer reported that there weren’t any youths in the area.

A Hoover Avenue resident reported that he believes his upstairs neighbor is a prostitute, and may be selling drugs. The caller said that there is constant traffic of men that come to the residence. The complainant was forwarded to a detective.

A female Delaware Avenue resident stated that when she returned home she found her mail thrown all over her porch. The complainant then called back and reported that after she noticed her mailed had been opened, she say that her neighbor was changing his locks. She said she found this to be a suspicious act, but she declined to speak with an officer.

Monday, April 9

A Tramont Avenue resident reported that the same two Jehovah witnesses knock on his door at least once every two weeks even though he tells them he’s not interested. An officer located the two individuals and they were advised.

Tuesday, April 10

A female Somerton Avenue resident reported that she was having problems with her daughter who is refusing to go to her aunt’s house for the day. An officer reported that both parties were spoken to, and that the daughter would go to her aunts.

A North End Avenue resident reported that his male neighbor has been acting strange lately, wearing odd clothes and making obscene gestures in front of his house. The complainant added that the neighbor has been teasing his dogs and scaring his children. An officer reported that the he was unable to make contact with the man at this time.

Wednesday, April 11

A Victoria Boulevard resident came to police headquarters to report that there were unwanted posts on her Facebook page. Patrols contacted the person who posted the messages on the social networking page and advised her to stop posting on the complainant’s page.

Town of Tonawanda police reported that someone operating a vehicle along Kinsey Avenue struck several parked cars and then left the scene. Kenmore patrols reported that the owner of the vehicle lived in the town, and that it was the owner’s husband who was operating the vehicle.

Thursday, April 12

A Warren Avenue resident reported that someone was in her backyard possibly trying to break in. The complaint reported it may be her daughter, but she didn’t see anyone. She reported that the dogs started barking and the outside motion lights went on. Patrols checked the area, and then advised the woman to contact them again if she sees anyone.

Friday, April 13

A Shepard Avenue resident reported that a male in a hat and a hoodie broke into her house, and she had locked herself in an upstairs bedroom. She described the intruder as a black male who was wearing a dark beanie and dark clothing.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.

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