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2012-10-10 / Police Blotter

Box of shrimp dumped on Parkwood lawn

Friday, Sept. 28

A Mang Avenue resident reported that there were three males who were shooting dice and smoking marijuana in a nearby park. The complainant added that there was a vehicle parked outside her home that was occupied by a woman. An officer reported speaking with the woman, who stated that she was talking with her boyfriend who had met with some co-workers at the park. The individuals were no longer in the park upon the officers’ arrival.

Saturday, Sept. 29

A male reported that a female followed him from a Delaware Avenue bar’s patio to the corner of Lincoln Boulevard where she waved a knife at him.

There was a report that a female, wearing a gray coat and black hat, appeared intoxicated and was walking in and out of traffic on Nassau Avenue. An officer reported that the female was advised to walk on the sidewalk.

Sunday, Sept. 30

Buffalo police requested assistance with contacting a Myron Avenue male’s parents. The male had been arrested for shoplifting at a Tops in Buffalo. Kenmore police made contact with the male’s parents and advised them as to where they could contact their son.

A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported that a message on her computer instructed her to pay the FBI a fee to reinstate computer usage. A detective reported that the female was advised that the FBI does not request payment for computer usage and that the message is a virus. She was advised to consult a computer repair shop.

An Elmwood Avenue convenience store employee reported that a male wearing a baseball cap, black hoodie and jeans walked into the store and took some candy bars and then left the store without paying for them. An officer reported that the male was located and advised not to return to the store. The officer added that all the merchandise the male took was returned to the store.

Thursday, Oct. 1

A Delaware Road apartment landlord reported that residents in one of the apartments were served an eviction notice and were now trashing the apartment. An officer reported that there was no evidence that the apartment was trashed.

Friday, Oct. 2

A female Elmwood Avenue resident states that she heard another female screaming on either Shepard or Palmer avenues near Elmwood. She then stated that it might have been a dream but feels that it might not.

There was a report that a male was stabbing a tree with a pocketknife on Delaware Avenue. Police were unable to locate the male or any damaged tree.

A woman reported that she located a woman on Hoover Avenue who appeared confused. The caller reported that the woman speaks limited English. She believes the woman just left a nearby hospital. An officer reported that the woman had gotten off at the wrong bus stop and became disoriented. The woman was transported to Kenmore Avenue.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

A LaSalle Avenue resident reported that her landlord has been coming into her apartment and she feels she is being harassed. An officer provided the tenant with a landlord/tenant handbook and advised her to contact police if the landlord attempts to come into the home uninvited. Minutes after the officer left, the complainant reported that her landlord was again at the house. According to the report, the landlord told police that there was work that needed to be done in the residence. The officer advised the landlord to schedule an appointment with the tenant if any other work needs to be done. The complainant phoned police again a couple of hours later to report that the work was done in the house but the landlord wasn’t leaving the premises. An officer advised the landlord to leave and that if she continues to stay, it would be considered trespassing.

Thursday, Oct. 4

A Parkwood Avenue resident complained that someone dumped a 25-pound box of raw shrimp on his front lawn. The complaint said he cleaned up the mess but wanted extra patrol in the area.

There was a report of a two-car accident, with one vehicle ending up on the front lawn of a Tremont Avenue residence.

Friday, Oct. 5

A female reported that her boyfriend struck a pedestrian while driving on Military Road. The woman said the pedestrian refused first aid and asked for $100 compensation. Money was given to the pedestrian, and then the woman and her boyfriend left the area. Police requested the driver’s information for the report.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. Residents can report incidents to the Kenmore Police Department by calling 875-1234.)

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