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2012-11-28 / Editorial

Residents seem to be recognizing scams

Bee Editorial

Throughout the year, people are bothered by individuals and/or companies that are running scams, but it seems that residents in Kenmore are catching on to the phony claims and solicitations.

While previewing this week’s blotter reports, we noticed that there were at least six incidences in the past week where individuals or hackers attempted to con residents.

There was one report that was particularly eerie. A woman told police that three individuals had shown up at her house stating that they were from her homeowners insurance company and wanted access to her home so they could take pictures.

The woman wisely denied them entrance and called her insurance company. From that call to the business she learned that the individuals didn’t work for the company. She then contacted police to report the incident. Just imagining what could have happened to that woman or her belongings had she let those strangers into her home sends chills down our spines.

There have also been several reports of individuals receiving a message on their computer from the FBI stating that they need to give the federal agency money or they will go to jail. Police report that this is a virus and that those who created it are likely banking on people’s ignorance. The FBI would never send citizens a message requesting money or telling people that they are under arrest.

Scams can come in many forms be it through email, regular mail, the telephone or in person. People just have to be mindful of where the information is coming from and not give out any personal information about themselves, especially around the holidays when crooked deals tend to be more prevalent.

Residents shouldn’t let any strangers into their home unless they see some credentials first. Contacting the company that the individual claims to represent is also a good way to verify that person’s identity.

It’s refreshing to see that residents are recognizing these deceitful acts instead of becoming the victims of them.

We encourage residents to notify the police whenever they suspect a scam.

The non-emergency number for the Town of Tonawanda Police Department is 875-5300; the phone number for Village of Kenmore police is 875-1234.

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