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2012-11-28 / Letters to the Editor

Police ignore ice rink complaint

I am writing to inform you of a series of events that transpired on Thanksgiving Day. I had information that a town employee used his key to Brighton Arena (closed for holiday) to let himself and his friends into the building illegally. Once in, they used the ice time that is valued at several hundred dollars per hour. I made a phone call to the Police Department at 11:39 a.m. and spoke to Capt. Stauffinger. I explained the situation to him, but he became very defensive and refused my complaint of reporting a crime in progress. I urge you all to FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) the conversation and hear for yourselves how the Police Department is now servicing its residents.You can only imagine my surprise when a captain doesn’t understand a theft of services and criminal trespassing charges.

So how can a captain of police determine that no crime was committed without ever responding to my call for assistance? How can any person be refused service when reporting a crime? What has happened to our Police Department?

Michael J. Vishion
Chaplin Drive

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