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2012-11-28 / Police Blotter

Man rolling in leaves sent to hospital for evaluation

Friday, Nov. 16

A Washington Avenue resident was complaining that her downstairs neighbors have been yelling at each other for the past half hour. An officer reported that it was two sisters who were having a loud discussion over living arrangements.

Saturday, Nov. 17

A Knowlton Avenue female reported that her brother and her boyfriend caught a suspicious male who was peeping in her window. An officer reported that the male was issued a court appearance ticket on a charge of trespassing.

A male reported witnessing a suspicious male who appeared to be in his 30s and was wearing sweatpants and a flannel shirt and was shoeless, in his front yard rolling around in leaves before walking to the corner. An officer reported locating the man on Courier Avenue and having him transported to Erie County Medical Center via Twin City Ambulance.

An male came to police headquarters to request a ride home because he was afraid to go home by himself. An officer escorted the man to his apartment.

A Lincoln Boulevard neighbor stated that his neighbors in an upper apartment were making a lot of noise with banging sounds. An officer reported that the youths living in the apartment were playing basketball in their bedroom. The officer said they were done playing for the night.

Sunday, Nov. 18

A Warren Avenue resident reported that when she returned home in the evening she found that the back door of her house was open and that televisions from multiple rooms were missing along with some jewelry.

First aid was called to a Keller Avenue address after a male accidently cut his wrist when a blade drill slipped out of his hand. An officer reported that the man was taken to ECMC for treatment.

Monday, Nov. 19

A Somerton Avenue resident reported that his computer isn’t working properly and a message keeps popping up stating that the FBI wants money from him. An officer reported that the male accidently downloaded a virus and was advised to ignore the message.

A Warren Avenue resident reported that the knob on her door was damaged and appeared to have been tampered with. The complainant, while speaking with an officer, then recalled that the knob received some dents when furniture was moved around the house.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

A Delaware Road resident reported that two males and one female, all in their 30s, came to her home. They told the complainant that they were from her homeowner’s insurance company and asked to take pictures of her home. The woman said she denied them access and then contacted her insurance company who told her that the individuals didn’t work for them.

A Victoria Boulevard woman reported that someone was spraying something in her home and she was afraid. An officer checked the home and reported that there wasn’t a problem.

Wednesday, Nov. 21

• A female reported that her vehicle was struck by a blue van driven by an older woman who resides on Stillwell Avenue. An officer reported that the two women exchanged motor vehicle insurance information.

A female Hamilton Boulevard resident reported that she was having trouble with her boyfriend who was intoxicated. She stated that the male left her apartment and that she couldn’t provide police with a description of what he looked like. An officer checked the area but was unable to locate the male. The complainant was advised to call the police if he returns to her residence.

Thursday, Nov. 22

A female was reportedly lying on the ground on Somerton and had just been picked up by a person operating a truck that was traveling north on Elmwood Avenue. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

A female West Girard Boulevard resident reported that she received a phone call from a person who claimed that there was a warrant for her arrest in California and that it would be rescinded if she paid $489 via a wire transfer. An officer advised the woman to let any calls from an unknown phone number go to her voicemail and contact police if the calls continue.

A Colvin Boulevard apartment tenant reported that her residence was ransacked and her safe was broken into sometime during the past few days.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. Residents can report incidents to the Kenmore Police Department by calling 875-1234.)

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