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2013-01-09 / Letters to the Editor

Two-gun limit isn’t realistic

In your recent editorial, you expressed the belief that gun ownership should be restricted to a handgun for personal protection and a shotgun for hunting.

I guess that this will get a discussion moving, but you make some false assumptions. You assume all handguns are acquired for personal protection, that only a shotgun is needed for hunting.

Confining ownership to two firearms is like restricting a golfer to one club.

Serious competitive shooters eventually compete with three different-caliber handguns. Hunters often acquire several types of shoulder weapons, just as a golfer needs various clubs.

It might surprise you to learn that many handgun owners have little interest in personal protection. Most pistol permits in this state are issued for target shooting and hunting. There is usually a waiting period to show responsible ownership before unrestricted permits are issued. Judges require evidence of training in safety, proper storage and use of deadly force before granting a permit. Even law-abiding gun owners encounter problems with point-of-sale checks under meticulous FBI guidelines.

You may wish to refine your journalistic research with a trip to a gun show here in the Tonawandas. You will not find an “arms bazaar” for criminals and crazies. Rather, you will find serious, sober, law-abiding citizens and a significant number of law enforcement officers there.

Denis Uminski
Columbia Boulevard

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