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2013-10-09 / Police Blotter

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Village of Kenmore

Friday, Sept. 27

• There was a report of an intoxicated female who was sitting in a vehicle located in the rear of a Kenmore Avenue parking lot. An officer reported that the woman was transported to her daughter’s house in Buffalo.

• An unknown female contacted police to report that there was a neighbor dispute. The caller stated that there was an elderly lad standing on the roof of her car. An officer reported that a pair of women were arguing about a dance and that one of the women threw a temper tantrum.

• A female reported that a Port-a-John in Mang Park was tipped over. An officer reported that the structure was empty.

Saturday, Sept. 28

• A Delaware Avenue resident reported that someone had stolen their deep fryer.

Sunday, Sept. 29

• A female Nassau Avenue resident reported that she heard gunfire. Neighbors told police that a pair of males lit a firecracker and then continued walking toward Colvin Boulevard.

Monday, Sept. 30

• A Victoria Boulevard Avenue resident reported that a gutter was missing from her property.

• A male was taken into custody after it was reported that he was seen rummaging through vehicles that were in a Delaware Avenue parking lot.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

• A female reported that a cat got stuck in her vehicle’s engine. She reported that she got him out but that he was injured, and that her car was smoking a little. An officer reported that the cat was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

• An Elmwood Avenue store clerk reported that a male in a blue hoodie entered the store and accused the clerk of having marijuana. The subject then told the clerk to empty his pockets and give him some. The clerk said he refused and the subject then left the store in an unknown direction.

• A female Colvin Boulevard resident reported that someone damaged her vehicle and threw items around her backyard. An officer reported that the damage to the vehicle was caused by another vehicle striking it during the evening hours.

• A male reported that there is a female at a Kenmore Avenue address who has a piece of food stuck in her throat. The male stated that she is breathing but that she was in pain due to the obstruction.

Thursday, Oct. 3

• A female Nassau Avenue resident reported that she is having concrete poured in her driveway, and that her neighbor is outside blasting their car horn because the concrete carrying truck is blocking the driveway.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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