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2013-12-04 / Editorial

Remember to shop locally this holiday season

Bee Editorial

Do you have a person on your holiday list who seems to already have everything? Perhaps if you make adjustments to your possible gift ideas you may end up with new ideas.

A present doesn’t have to be wrapped and put under a tree. If your loved ones have all the possessions they need, maybe they would enjoy a ticket to a local event or an overnight stay at an area hotel.

If you purchase a work of art from a local gallery, a nostalgic item at an antique store or a handcrafted ornament from an area novelty shop, you won’t need to fear that the recipient already has a duplicate of your gift.

Buying something homemade can offer a loved one a more meaningful gift.

We often promote local small businesses because they’re such a key part of the area economy. They’re owned by people in the community who depend on their success and who are often active in other initiatives that enhance the lives of their fellow residents.

This past weekend was dedicated to Small Business Saturday — a day devoted to supporting local businesses across the country. The event is celebrated each year on the Saturday immediately following Thanksgiving.

But this shouldn’t be the only day shoppers remember to shop local.

One thing that could make a shopper hesitant to leave the national retail stores is a lack of knowledge about what sort of items and services these smaller businesses offer.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to remedy that. Many of the local small businesses are located in walk-able portions of the community, such as in Kenmore, that can be visited during an enjoyable stroll through streets lit with holiday lights or decked with wreaths. We understand that there are some things on people’s wish lists that are easier to find at national retail chains or maybe aren’t available elsewhere. That’s fine. Those businesses benefit the economy as well and provide jobs to many people.

Sometimes, though, it’s time to step away from the mass-produced items. Do your children really need all their presents to contain images of movie characters or television stars? Do you really need that sweater that everyone else has?

This holiday season, we encourage you to visit a small business in the community that you’ve never been to before. You may just find that perfect present and maybe even a new favorite place.

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