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2014-03-05 / Police Blotter

Youth reported in Dumpster at Kenmore Middle

Village of Kenmore

Friday, Feb. 21

• A Kinsey Avenue resident reported that her neighbor’s dogs had been outside barking for more than an hour. Police spoke with the homeowner, who said he was having work done on his furnace, which is why the dogs were outside for so long.

• Police assisted a woman who had fallen into the street while trying to catch the bus.

• An alarm was reportedly going off at a church on Delaware Road.

Saturday, Feb. 22

• Police assisted a man who was found wandering intoxicated in the road on Delaware Avenue. He was transported home.

• An employee at Kenmore Lanes reported that a woman had passed out in the bathroom. She was transported to Erie County Medical Center.

• A Tremont Avenue resident reported that his upstairs neighbor was playing her music “excessively loud.” Police reported that all was quiet upon arrival.

Sunday, Feb. 23

• A resident reported that a youth was inside a Dumpster at Kenmore Middle School. Upon arrival, police could not find the youth.

• A woman reported being stuck in an elevator on Delaware Avenue. She called back soon after, reporting that she was out of the elevator and will be contacting the staff on duty to report it.

• Police received a report of an elevator alarm going off on Delaware Avenue. Police contacted the employees at the company, and they said they are waiting for the repair company to come.

Monday, Feb. 24

• An Argonne Drive resident reported that a tall white male wearing jeans and a sweatshirt tried getting into the complainant’s car, which was parked in the driveway. The resident knocked on the window to scare him away, and the man took off running. Police checked the area, but could not locate the man.

• An anonymous neighbor reported that a car has been parked on Tremaine Avenue for a half hour, unoccupied with the lights on and engine running.

• An East Hazeltine Avenue resident called police to report that he is being harassed by an unknown person.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

• A pedestrian was reportedly struck on Colvin Boulevard. The man who was hit refused help and left the scene.

• An Allegany Avenue resident reported that the abandoned house across the street from his home had a gray car parked in its driveway, and he reports seeing two people go into the backyard. Police found that the people were real estate agents.

• An Elmwood Avenue business manager reported that three people were loitering in the store. They were advised that they were no longer welcome inside the store.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

• A Myron Avenue resident reported that her neighbor living on Euclid Avenue keeps beeping his car horn and that it is an ongoing issue.

• A Lasalle Avenue resident reported that a white car was parked in the street before 6 a.m. and that it’s on the wrong side of the road for alternate parking.

• An Elmwood Avenue resident reported that she’s receiving phone calls from someone saying she won some kind of lottery.

Thursday, Feb. 27

• A Wabash Avenue resident reported that her carbon monoxide detector was going off.

• A Hoover Avenue resident reported that his upstairs tenant is banging on the ceiling, a recurring issue. The upstairs tenant claimed to be mopping and vacuuming.

• The manager of a Delaware Avenue business reported water in the basement coming up from the sewer. The Department of Public Works was notified.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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