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2014-03-26 / Editorial

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Ken-Ton Editor

SPRING YET? — I looked out the window the morning spring officially started and saw with dismay fat snowflakes falling from the sky.

A friend of mine said she’s ready to pack her bags and head south, not for a vacation but permanently. I’m sure many in this area feel the same desperation. We’re all craving warmth, sunshine, a respite from the freezing temperatures. I hope the thaw will begin by the time I write my Spindle column next week.

Fingers crossed.

LONG-RUNNING SPAGHETTI DINNER — The Boy Scouts of Troop 104, based at St. John the Baptist Church, have a stellar record when it comes to consecutive years they’ve held their spaghetti dinner. To date, that number is 38. They will be holding it once again this year from 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 30, in the gymnasium at St. John’s School, 1085 Englewood Ave., Kenmore. Tickets for adults are $9; for children 6 to 12, $5; and children younger than 6, no charge. It is available for eat-in and takeout.

SKUNK ON THE LOOSE — It’s not too often police receive reports of a skunk heading toward Delaware Road. A Tremaine Avenue woman was taking a walk when she noticed the skunk and called police. A Lincoln Boulevard resident also reported seeing a skunk. This one, however, did not head toward Delaware Road. In an unfortunate move for the homeowner, it headed into the resident’s garage.

SPECIAL VISITOR — The ladies of Mount St. Mary Academy were treated Monday to a visit from Bethany Moore, who is currently a member of a Broadway production. There, she talked with students in theater and dance classes, giving tips on stage presence.

Copy Editor

A BUCKEYE IN ORANGE — My son surprised me by flying in from New York City so the two of us could attend the NCAA tournament at First Niagara Center. It was the first time I have ever attended four basketball games in one day — and probably the last.

While it was quite the experience — people near me were swapping phones to get courtside photos of one another — it was also exhausting. My son and I spent more than 12 hours in or near the center and didn’t get home until after midnight. Because I had picked him up at the airport at 2 a.m. the day the tournament began, I nodded off a few times during the fourth game, between Villanova and Milwaukee.

While we heard some complaints afterward about garbage in the streets and parking-lot price gouging, our tournament experience was mostly positive. We were pleased with the concessions at First Niagara Center and enjoyed the friendly crowd at the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, where a stranger tried to pour me more wine than I really needed.

As an Ohio State graduate, I was disappointed by its loss to the University of Dayton, while my son, a Syracuse alumnus, was happy about its initial win, over Western Michigan.

We were hoping our schools would play each other on Saturday, but it was not to be. On the plus side, our loyalties weren’t in conflict, and there was no question which sweatshirt I would wear to Saturday’s games.

I was the Buckeye in orange.

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