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2014-03-26 / Police Blotter

Speedy Pizza Hut car zooms through stop sign

Village of Kenmore

Friday, March 14

• A Kenton Road woman reported that a car has been parked in her neighbor’s driveway for an hour and a half with the engine running and lights on. Police found that the resident was listening to music in his vehicle.

• An East Hazeltine Avenue woman reported her husband locked the cat in the attic so that she would be late for work. Police found there was a disagreement about how the cat got into the attic; the feline eventually got out.

Saturday, March 15

• A Delaware Avenue woman reported that while she was walking her dog, she found a hypodermic needle.

• A Winchester Place resident reported that a person wearing a dark-colored hoodie appeared to be trying to break into his neighbor’s vehicle.

Sunday, March 16

• A Nassau Avenue resident reported that three dogs are running loose in the area. She said this is an ongoing issue. Police advised the owner of the dogs that they must be on a leash.

• A Delaware Road woman reported that a Pizza Hut vehicle did not stop at a stop sign at Euclid and Myron avenues, almost striking her own car. Police located the driver and advised him of the complaint.

Monday, March 17

• A yellow van with emblems on its side reportedly went through two stoplights and almost hit several vehicles. Police were unable to locate it.

• A man was reportedly in the middle of Elmwood Avenue, creating a traffic hazard. Police advised him to walk on the sidewalk and not in the street.

Tuesday, March 18

• A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported seeing a skunk in the backyard; it then went into the garage. Animal control was notified.

• A Keller Avenue resident reported that his neighbor poured gas on a tree stump to try to burn it out. Police advised the man he was not allowed to do that. The man said he would find other means to remove the stump.

Wednesday, March 19

• A Somerton Avenue resident reported that his downstairs neighbor was threatening to kick in the door. He believes the neighbor suffers from mental issues. There is an ongoing dispute between the residents.

• A Shepard Avenue resident reported a youth going onto porches and looking into windows. Police found that the boy was looking for his friend, who had moved away.

Thursday, March 20

• A Knowlton Avenue resident reported that her unlocked vehicle was entered overnight and that items in it were thrown around. Nothing, however, was taken.

• A Euclid Avenue resident reported that there was a basketball hoop in the middle of the roadway.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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