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2014-04-09 / Editorial

Spindle items

Ken-Ton Editor

STICKING IT TO CANCER — I’ve never been a fan of registries for bridal showers. I understand why people have them — to try to reduce the number of duplicates and take-backs.

Yet in some ways, this concept defeats the purpose of a shower, which is to bless someone with the necessities before they begin a new season in life. Showers should be about giving from the heart, giving whatever it is you can afford. Instead, it’s turned into an occasion to make a list of everything you want, even extravagant items. If I get married someday, I’ve already decided I am not going to have a registry. I’ll be grateful for whatever my friends and family can afford to give.

Perhaps this is why a press release from Town of Tonawanda resident Lisa Johnson really resonated with me. Lisa is a former editor at The Bee Newspapers. Although she has since moved on from here, she’s remained one of my favorites. She was one of the first editors I wrote for as a rookie reporter, and I always thought her paper was hands-down the best. She is also a cancer survivor.

Lisa, who is getting married this summer, decided to replace her bridal shower with a fundraiser to benefit cancer research. The fundraiser is also an occasion to celebrate her 10-year anniversary of being cancer-free.

The “Stick it to Cancer Blood Drive and Basket Raffle” will take place from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturday, June 28, at the Town of Tonawanda Boys & Girls Club, 54 Riverdale Ave. Admission is $10 per person, with children 10 years and younger admitted free. The ticket price includes baked goods, beverages and a card of basket raffle tickets. Some of the items that will be raffled off include tickets to Lady Gaga’s concert and a Kindle Fire. For more information, email lisaann_ johnson@yahoo.com, or visit www.stickittocancer.wordpress.com.

RECYCLE, RECYCLE — It takes a little bit of extra effort to recycle, but if everyone put forth that little bit of effort, it adds up to a big difference in the community and world. An electronics recycling event is being held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at the GM Tonawanda Engine Plant No. 1, 2995 River Road, between Sheridan Drive and Edgar Avenue. Acceptable items include the following: computers, monitors, accessories, network equipment, keyboards, printers, scanners, cellphones, video game systems and telephones, among other items. For more information, call 858-8672, or email kevin.hard wick@erie.gov.

BONJOUR! — My sister, 14, admitted to me one time that she sometimes “thinks in French.” That’s when you know your language lessons are working. She’s lucky enough to be tutored once per week one-on-one with a Buffalo State College professor. Her dream — and I’m sure it will someday happen — is to visit Paris. I thought of her when I received a press release this week from Hoover Elementary. Students from Nichols School recently visited Hoover, where they taught three French lessons to fifth-grade students. It was meant to preview for them the language study they’d be starting in sixth grade.

Students who gave of their time and talents to teach include Matt Morris, Justin Jacobs, Sam Jones, Carson Gicewicz, Teddy Marks, Christie Hartmann, Maddie Brason, Annawade Stevenson and Troy Dobbs.

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