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2014-04-09 / Police Blotter

Bird reported in man’s basement

Village of Kenmore

Friday, March 28

• A Shepard Avenue resident reported excessive noise coming from the outside. Police spoke with a nearby person, who said he may have been “a bit” loud.

• A Palmer Avenue resident reported that she had a verbal argument with her husband, who then took money away and proceeded to leave the home. He started walking toward Delaware.

• An anonymous neighbor reported to police that a silver sport utility vehicle was playing loud music.

Saturday, March 29

• A Stillwell Avenue resident reported capturing a yellow Labrador retriever that had no collar or identification. It was taken to an animal shelter.

• A Melrose Avenue resident reported a group of youth running through the area and acting suspiciously.

• A Wabash Avenue resident reported that her car was sideswiped while parked across the street.

Sunday, March 30

• A Lasalle Avenue resident reported that a person was carrying a crowbar, appeared intoxicated, and was yelling and trying to get into a home.

• A Shepard Avenue resident reported her neighbor’s dog is inside the home barking.

• A Knowlton Avenue resident reported a loose black dog in the area. Police located the dog’s owner and returned it.

Monday, March 31

• Police reported a Wabash Avenue woman was driving with a suspended registration and suspended driver’s license.

• A Shepard Avenue resident accidentally called police and hung up afterward.

• Police conducted a welfare check on a Nassau Avenue resident, who was determined to be OK.

Tuesday, April 1

• A Tremaine Avenue resident reported that sometime overnight someone went into her unlocked vehicle and ransacked it. While items were tossed around, nothing was taken.

• Police reported that youth were hanging around the Kenmore library. They were advised to be on their way.

• A Colvin Boulevard resident reported a bird in the basement. Police assisted the man in locating the bird, which was dead.

Wednesday, April 2

• A Crosby Avenue man reported repeated, unwanted phone calls from a computer repair man. He told police his neighbors have been receiving the same calls.

• A Washington Avenue man reported a large hole in his front lawn. The Department of Public Works was notified.

• A Columbia Boulevard resident reported that someone was knocking on her front door; the person had the wrong house.

Thursday, April 3

• An East Girard Boulevard resident reported a dead rabbit at the end of his driveway. The DPW was notified and will retrieve the rabbit.

• An Elmwood Avenue woman reported that someone left a threatening note on her vehicle.

• A Courier Boulevard resident reported that the garage light was on when he returned home and it was not on previously.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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