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2014-09-10 / Local News

Savage calls for fact-finding on electronic cigarettes

Erie County Legislator Peter J. Savage III, who represents the Ken-Ton area, recently introduced a resolution calling on the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee to conduct fact-finding sessions on the electronic cigarettes industry.

Savage wants to address the issues concerning electronic cigarettes and vapor lounges.

The cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York have already amended their clean indoor air acts and related legislation to include the ban of electronic cigarettes in venues and areas that are currently designated as smoke-free.

This resolution will begin the process of vetting the issue in public to determine if any changes are necessary to the current laws in Erie County.

“No one objects to reasonable measures that assist people to quit smoking; however, we must also be mindful of the unintended consequences that may also impact public health, such as the use of these devices in public places and the accidental or recreational use by children and young people,” said Savage.

The resolution will be considered by the Legislature at its next regular session. For more information, contact Savage at 832-0493 or email Peter.Sav age@erie.gov.

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