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2015-04-17 / Business

Ken-Ton Chamber hosts local experts who share inspiration

What is your source of professional motivation? Does it come from celebrity sponsored “how to’s”? What gets you up in the morning, a newscast brought to you by people you will never meet, in towns you may never visit? Perhaps you spend your drive to work listening to one of the best and brightest multimillionaires with ambition that takes up every moment of the person’s wakeful day. We spend hours reading books and listening to CDs from people we have never met.

Frankly, I’d rather hear from individuals who can actually impact our communities and our lives in both private and professional environments. I’d rather share ideas and success stories with the business people in my own community. I want to hear local experts share their stories because they live with the same professional challenges we do. Now that’s inspirational. I’d rather hear from and about people whom I can actually meet and learn from directly.

This is what we at the Chamber are interested in bringing to our members: inspiration from our actual members and regional leaders. There are more people in our own communities that help drive our economy and change our trajectory in more ways than we can imagine. The Chamber is making these leaders accessible, and you don’t have to be a member to join us.

Here are a few of the ways you can hear and learn from local groundbreakers in April. Attend April 17th’s luncheon and hear from one of our most inspirational, successful and influential people in Buffalo’s commercial real estate market: Nick Sinatra from Sinatra Realty. This community leader is someone who has worked in Washington with the most influential people in our country — the same people we set our alarm to hear news about. What’s crazy exciting is that Nick Sinatra is a local born influencer who came back to Ken-Ton and Buffalo, to make an impact where it matters: home.

The artistic beauty behind a good photograph can also motivate you, and on April 20 our Master Class host, Mike Ham from Kenwood Photography, will teach us all how to capture the beauty of the simple things we look at each day. Also open to the public, this two-hour class will help you take the photos you want to be able to take with that underused camera of yours.

For our business members, there is motivation in every weekly networking meeting. Sharing in successes, overcoming obstacles and working toward success together can carry you further through the day than that 20-minute mediation you spend time on each morning.

Go to our website calendar at www.ken-ton.org to see what else is happening.

Please welcome our newest members. We will surely hear more about their local successes: Marcia Brogan Insurance; Legal Shield Independent representative – John Koller; THERA Message Therapy, PLLC – Tom Leous; and Erie County legislator, Peter J. Savage III.

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