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2015-05-06 / Letters to the Editor

Information needed on sex offender

Earlier this week, Ken-Ton residents came home to find a letter in their mailboxes from the Town of Tonawanda Police Department and the Kenmore Town of Tonawanda School District, regarding the release of a sex offender into our neighborhood.

While I don’t necessarily devalue the importance of Megan’s Law, I have serious reservations with regard to the level of information that is provided for Level 2 offenders.

This document we received at our homes had a photograph and a name. That’s it. No address, no listing of any cars he may own, no current employment status. A phone call to the school district led me to learn that for Level 2 offenders, that is all the information that is required to be given.

In my opinion, that is awful. Parents and community members deserve more information regarding these individuals, or without that — what is the point? Where is the value in this?

Legislators should go back to the drawing board and require including more information for these types of offenders. After doing some of my own digging I was able to ascertain this man’s crime, and I can’t for the life of me understand how this makes him a Level 2 offender. More information is needed so that children can be better protected.

Nicholas Primerano
Hampton Parkway

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