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2015-05-06 / Lifestyles

Ecology Club makes presentation to Rev. Michael Parker

The Rev. Michael Parker was
recently presented with a special
water bottle by the Ecology Club
at St. John the Baptist School in
The students explained to their
pastor that the item was part of
their “Earth Day Initiative,” during
which they sold water bottles
to the student body.
The purpose of the drive was
twofold: The group wanted to
make a positive impact on the
environment, hoping the bottles
will curtail the use of plastic water
bottles. Furthermore, they
hope to use the funds to plant a
tree on the campus grounds.
The Ecology Club was established
earlier this year by science
chairwoman Katie Cooke and
comprises more than 20 middle-
school students in grades six
through eight.
“I think ecology is a very important
topic in the world today,”
said Cooke. “It’s something in
which students can get involved
in and really make a difference in
their community. Earth Day gave
us great momentum in launching
this initiative.”
The group is also reaching out
to the younger students of the
school by establishing satellite
projects, in which the lower
grade levels take on projects created
by club members.
Cooke added, “For example,
our kindergarten students planted
seeds, and the seedlings will
be planted in a garden.”

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