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2016-07-06 / Police Blotter

Woman reports statue’s broken head

Village of Kenmore

Monday, June 27

A woman called police to say another woman, pulling a suitcase down Colvin Boulevard, was yelling at cars.

A resident reported loud construction noise coming from Wabash Avenue.

Tuesday, June 28

A Tremaine Avenue resident reported that a group of youths stole a decorative giraffe from her porch.

A Keller Avenue resident reported that during the night, someone broke the head off the statue hanging on the complainant’s fence, on the side of the horse path.

A Euclid Avenue resident reported that he is having problems with the girl next door. He said they exchanged words, and she said she’d let her dog loose inside his house.

Wednesday, June 29

A caller said two males with bicycles and flashlights were going through garbage on Washington Avenue.

A Tremaine Avenue resident said someone was pounding on his front door.

Thursday, June 30

• A Eugene Avenue resident reported that her unlocked vehicle was gone through some time overnight. Nothing was taken.

A Parkwood Avenue resident reported that someone went through his unlocked vehicle during the night. A USB cord was taken.

Friday, July 1

A Delaware Avenue resident reported that around 100 people were inside a building drinking alcohol and there are bottles of liquor everywhere. Patrols reported that it was a store’s grand opening and everyone was of age.

Saturday, July 2

A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported that a man knocked on her door at 1 p.m. yelling, “Brooke.”

Sunday, June 3

A Parkwood Avenue resident came to the police station to report that she found what appears to be a pelvic bone in the river about five to seven years ago.

A Westgate Road resident reported that a male in khaki shorts is flashing a laser through people’s windows.

Total calls: 261

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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