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2016-10-19 / Letters to the Editor

Teaching hunting in gym classes an outrageous idea

Teach hunting and fishing in school gym classes? That’s outrageous. What a shame that a legislator sponsored such a bill and senators voted for it. The hunting fraternity appears desperate to recruit new hunters. I’ve read that hunters’ numbers are declining while wildlife watchers’ numbers are increasing. Thankfully, people are finding better things to do than kill animals for “sport.”

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has “youth hunts.” There are youth hunts for deer. This year for the first time, youths get to kill a bear during their deer youth hunt. There are youth pheasant hunts. Pen-raised birds are released for the kill. They even have special hunts for waterfowl. Will they teach the students about the approximately 25 percent wounding rate for that “sport”?

I agree with Managing Editor David Sherman’s opinion that hunting and fishing are poor ways for obese kids to get active. Sitting for hours waiting to ambush a deer is hardly exercise.

Of course, there is the energy expended when dragging the animal’s body out of the woods. Will they include bow hunting in the classes? After they shoot an animal with a bow and arrow, odds are good that they’ll have to follow the blood trails left behind by the running victims. Depending on where the arrows hit the animals, said hunters may have to hike a long way to locate their hemorrhaging victims. If the deer haven’t bled to death before being found, the youth will have to shoot again.

There are gym classes in numerous schools. Who is going to be training all those teachers for this new addition? Who will pay for all the supplies needed for class?

So many questions and so much wrong with this legislation. Legislators in the state Assembly need to vote “No.”

Valerie Will

Newton Road

Town of Orchard Park

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