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2017-07-12 / Police Blotter

Youths chop off head of statue

Village of Kenmore

Monday, July 3

A motorist reported seeing a man dressed all in black checking door handles of cars on Colvin Boulevard.

A passerby said three youths on bikes are weaving in and out of traffic and cutting off cars on Elmwood Avenue.

A Victoria Boulevard resident reported about 10 children setting off fireworks.

Tuesday, July 4

A West Hazeltine resident reported that someone is knocking on his side door and he’s not expecting company.

A Tremont Avenue resident reported that someone took a large planter filled with flowers from the side of her house sometime last night.

A Crosby Avenue resident said there are teens who are talking about getting high and swearing at her and her children.

A Kinsey Avenue resident reported that her husband’s ex-wife dropped off their child earlier today and is now driving around intoxicated and sending harassing text messages.

Wednesday, July 5

A Keller Avenue resident reported that a group of youths just chopped off the head of a statue on the front lawn and now are running away.

A Delaware Avenue resident said two rings were taken from her mother’s jewelry box.

A Tremaine Avenue resident said her neighbor’s garage is on fire.

Thursday, July 6

A North End Avenue resident reported that his work van was entered last night and all his plumbing tools were taken.

A woman said there is a cockatoo loose in the park and it seems sick or injured.

A Shepard Avenue resident said she would like to speak to an officer about groceries she believes are missing.

A Stillwell Avenue resident reported that people working on a car in a driveway are being very loud.

Friday, July 7

A woman reported that an elderly man is sitting outside a Colvin Boulevard business and is making customers uncomfortable. A man reported that the air-conditioning unit at a Delwood Road business is making too much noise.

A Crosby Avenue resident said a large group of youths is in the street in front of her house.

A man came to the police department to report that his iPhone was stolen from his vehicle.

Saturday, July 8

A Kenmore Avenue resident reported that his son is in his home attempting to steal money and causing a disturbance.

A Wardman Road resident reported that someone stole his bicycle from his porch.

A Kinsey Avenue resident said her neighbors set off fireworks and debris landed in her pool.

Sunday, July 9

A caller reported that her cab driver may be intoxicated.

An East Hazeltine Avenue resident said his neighbor has been sawing the same piece of wood for the past three hours and the noise is bothering him.

A West Hazeltine Avenue resident said a woman he knows took a pack of his cigarettes and left.

Total calls: 258

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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