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2017-09-13 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I attended a meeting about the roundabout. I was there for the two days walking and driving. They claim they are not taking away any corner property, but that means it’s too narrow for buses, trucks, etc. Also, they want to allow parking from the pools back to Darlington; currently, we don’t have parking on Parker in that strip. Why don’t they move the bicycle lane closer to the curb, making our drive lane a little wider? I still think they will have to cut the corners.

.The front entrance of Thomas Jefferson School on Athens Boulevard is disgusting. Weeds are growing along the side of the building; it is like a zombie school. Neighbors all pay taxes and should not have to look at this.

.I’ve lived off Parker Boulevard since 1969 and use it several times a day. The roundabout seems to be a total waste of money.

.After about a year and a half of them fighting over if the field is good enough for our kids in Lincoln Park, we attended our first game Friday night. I want to ask all the politicians in the town who is supposed to enforce no parking on the grass? They finally posted signs about two years ago, but no one is enforcing it. All you have to do is ticket one or offer a fair warning as the game is being played.

.I have driven through the signal at Decatur and Parker three times a day, five days a week for the past 20 years, and I don’t see the need for a roundabout. It is uncalled for. If they have the money for the roundabout, why not put the money toward the sewers instead of constantly raising the taxes for residents?

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