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2017-09-13 / Editorial

Community can raise funds for hurricane relief

As Hurricane Irma’s path made its way through Florida this past weekend after hitting the Caribbean, our thoughts and prayers have been with those who reside on the islands and in the “Sunshine State.”

Many Western New Yorkers know someone who lives in Florida or they have spent a vacation there. It’s important for communities to come together in times of disaster. An example of this is the work of the Tonawanda Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club.

The club will hold a hot dog sale to raise much-needed funds for hurricane relief in Florida from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Valu Home Center, located at 4264 Delaware Ave. in Tonawanda. Texas Red Hots will be available for $2.50.

According to a prepared statement, the club will send any net profits from the event, as well as donated funds, to the impacted areas through another Lions Club in that area. This way, the club will make sure that the donations will be applied to areas where there is extreme need.

The Tonawanda Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club started a hurricane relief effort as recently as Sept. 2 in an effort to help those in Houston, Texas, to recover from Hurricane Harvey. Lion Bob Starr noted that the club was successful in raising $1,500 in cash as well as numerous clothing and sundry donations for impacted families.

“When we saw the mass of [Irma] and saw how it dwarfed Hurricane Harvey and what weather forecasters were predicting, we sprang back into action. We recently completed a fundraiser for the Lions Club of The Woodlands, Texas, assisting them with needed funds and now sending clothing and other sundry items to them to help displaced or impacted families rebuild their lives,” he said.

“The Lions Club motto, ‘We Serve,’ shows well here. I also like to use, ‘Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.’ … Well, our other Lions out there need help in their areas … and who better than another Lions Club should come to the rescue to help out.”

Starr added that local businesses in the area are already offering donations for the Sept. 16 event. He gave an example of the locally world-famous Texas sauce from TC Wheelers Pizzeria. Value Home Center also allows the club to set up outside its front door to sell the hot dogs.

Every small effort can help a family who is struggling right now after the hurricane. If you are in the area for lunch on Saturday, be sure to purchase a hot dog.

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