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2017-11-08 / Police Blotter

Phone scammer won’t let officer in on deal

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Oct. 30

On Delaware Avenue, a woman reported that her son was jumped by two male youths, approximately 16 to 17 years old, on bicycles. The victim also had items stolen from him.

A Washington Avenue woman requested assistance with her car alarm, which goes off every time a car drives by. It was a bad connection on the remote.

Tuesday, Oct. 31

Loud music was reportedly coming from a church on Elmwood Avenue. An officer spoke to the organizer of the Halloween party, who agreed to turn down the bass.

A clerk at an Elmwood Avenue Rite Aid said a customer complained that someone struck her vehicle and left.

Wednesday, Nov. 1

A man came to the police station and reported that he was supposed to meet another man for a $1 million check but he believes it’s a scam. The scammer called on a cellphone at this time, and an officer, posing as a potential victim, spoke to him; however, he refused to let the officer in on the million dollars.

Numerous calls reported a large fight on Victoria Boulevard. One woman had an issue with another, who was not on the scene when police arrived.

Thursday, Nov. 2

An anonymous neighbor on Delaware Avenue reported a woman yelling in an apartment above his. The woman was intoxicated, and a man wanted her to leave.

A Delaware Avenue woman was receiving unwanted text messages from an ex-boyfriend, and she has an order of protection against him.

On Hazeltine Avenue, a woman reported that a driver was yelling at parents and children due to them yielding for a school bus. An officer located the man’s vehicle and advised him.

Friday, Nov. 3

A passer-by reported that a woman was hanging out of a black vehicle screaming for help and to call 911. Patrols located the woman, who was uncooperative and said she was fine and didn’t want assistance.

An unknown man was reportedly taking photographs of houses on Hoover Avenu e and acting suspiciously. The caller was concerned because there have been break-ins in the area. The man was not found.

A Mang Avenue resident reported a black and white cat on the front porch. The responding officer believed it to be a feral cat.

Saturday, Nov. 4

• A Kinsey Avenue man said his roommate is kicking him out and won’t let him get his belongings. The complainant was able to stay there for the night, and the roommate was advised of the eviction process.

Sunday, Nov. 5

A woman on Shepard Avenue believes someone is tampering with her phone. Patrol said the wires on her phone cord have loose insulation and she needs to contact an electrician.

A Nassau Avenue man said he lent his car to a friend last night and it hasn’t been returned. The vehicle was returned shortly afterward.

Total Calls: 295

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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