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2017-11-15 / Local News

Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels thanks volunteers

Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels recently acknowledged the many volunteers who donated their time so those in need in the Village of Kenmore and Town of Tonawanda can receive a home-delivered meal on Thanksgiving.

“The Town of Tonawanda is known as a great place to live, work and play because of the facilities, services and programs we all know and love. But the biggest reason we are such a great town is the heart of our residents,” said Dan Wiles, executive director of Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels.

“Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels simply could not provide services to our friends and neighbors in need without the time and effort of over 200 volunteers. The volunteers are the friendly face at the door for many of our neighbors with no family in the area.”

Wiles said the volunteers are friends who gather to make, package and deliver the meals while laughing and sharing the joy of giving back.

“The economic savings we garner from the volunteers is tremendous, but the energy they provide the community is greater,” he said. “On behalf of the entire staff of Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels, our clients and their families, thank you very much, and we hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

The following volunteers include drivers, servers, kitchen volunteers, members of the board of directors, agencies that send helpers and service clubs that helped in 2017:

Lois Aichinger, Carol and Gene Albright, Donna Anderson, Donna Antholzner, Katherine Arena, Joseph Argenio, Linda Bakowski, John Beaumont, Sharon Benton, Mary Bertola, Carolyn Beyer, Frank Bickel, Paul and Lily Bink, Marsha Blackmore, Raymond Borawski, Paul Brady, Jim Brese, Kathryn Brown, Joyce Bruyere, Judy Burd, Michele Burr, Carol Butch, Babette Butkowski, William Carberry, James Carlton, Sally Carr, Tim and Lorraine Carson, Diane and Anthony Caruana, Martha Case, Anne Casper, Dominic Catalano, Fred and Dorothy Christ, Sue Christie, Annette and George Cook, Kathy Couchman, Susan Craig, Paul Cramer, Don Cruickshank, Karen Cuevas, Sharon D’Angelo, Charlotte Davis, Carol DeGisare, Frances Dellamora, Julie Demmin, Darryl and Beth Derschug, Colleen Dowd, Christine Duchscherer, Sharey Edholm, Heather Edwards, Bert Ferraro, Joan Fix, Bill Fleishauer and Nancy Fleishauer.

Joan Frapwell, Ron Friend, Karen Gallagher, Mark Geandreau, Charles Goodrich, Leslyn Goodrich, Richard Granger, Pauline Greco,

Keith and Jean Grugan, Cathy and Joe Greco, Marian Habdo, Susan Harlach, Cyle Harrison, David Harrison, Rose M. Hayes, Nancy Haywood, Judith Herbst, Leslie Hicks, Gwen Hill, Rosemary and Charles Holmberg, Don Horan, Christine and James Hustead, Mary Lou Incardona, Jeff Janiszewski, Don and Linda Jasen, Jennifer Jetter, Greg Joseph, Diane Juliano, Kathy and Ken Karla, Mary Keller, Brian Kenney,

Shirley Kern, Robert and Cathie Kersten, William Kieser, Dawn Kieser, Douglas King, Ben Kinney, Alan Kirk, Rose Kirst, James and Sue Koller, Carol Kostelnik, Diane Kruck, Katie Kublitz, Donna Kucinski, Jim LaBuda, Charleen Lagowski, Joanna Langerak, Linda and Paul Leuchner, Martin Lewin, Dorothy Lien, Stanley Lopat, Gloria Lorber, Karen Lubas, William Lubas, Gloria MacGamwell, Dale and Becky MacKinnon, Jim and Mary Marigold, Jackie Maher, Barbara Majdanik, Anne Matjeka, Antoinette Maus, Donald L. Max, Keith McBride, Robert McCarthy, Bill McCullagh, John McFadden, Jerry and Grace McGees, and Steve McLaughlin.

Mary McNeill, Dale F. Meldrum, Joanne Meli, Sharon Mercer, Jim and Mary Merigold, Kathy Metivier, Donna Miller, Anita Mitchell, Chris and Rick Moesch, Pat Monahan, Valerie and Walt Monahan, Denise Morash, Ed Mrozinski and Michele Cook, Pat Mudd, Mary Mueller, Eileen Murphy, Karen Murphy, Madeline Muscarella, Karen Mutka, Russell Needham, Marcia Neri, Bill Nordstrom, Jessican Nowak, John Nusbaum, Vincent Oddo, Norb Olszowka, Paul Ostrander, Ann Parelli, James Peszko, Ann Peters, Jane Piduch, Teal and Dennis Postula, Carolyn Pratt, Waudell Punter, Florence Purchase, David Randazzo and Sheila Ryczek.

Frank Sabatini, Rachelle Sacco-DiCarlo, Marie and MaryAnn Sajsa, Frank Saladyga, Maggie

Schultz, Chris Schuster, Jack Shepard, Connie Sherry, Dick Sherry, Joe Shiah,

Mary Speck, Betty Spencer, Nancy

Stelianou, Cindy Strickland,

Eileen Summers, Katrina

Thomas, Ann and Jerry Thuman, Gary Tornquist, Linda

Tornquist, Sue Vallio, Karen

Vanderbrook, Chrissy

Vantrease, Mary Pat Vogt,

Karen Wiles, Nate Wiles, Kiana

Wiles, Jack Winegarden, Ken Winger, Delores Zeeb and Rita


Shelly Martin, Kathy Kanaley, Anne Binga, Larry Winnert, Karen Ryan, Frank Conway, Katherine Bestine, Carol Schwartz, Warren Hoy, Sharon Sullivan, Donna Gorney, Melissa Shiah, Kristin VanDewater, Amber Crossett, Katharine Burns, Susan Rusch, Gary Miller and Charles Battaglia.

Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels also thanked Praxair, DuPont, Circle K of UB, Circle K of Buffalo State, UB Student Nurses, Rotaract Club of Buffalo State, Aspire of WNY, Community Services for the Disabled, Kenmore East BOCES, Summit Educational Services, Heritage Services, Brighton Volunteer Fire Company, Kenmore Volunteer Fire, Phi Beta Kappa, Ken-Ton Kiwanis, Sheridan Drive Lions, Kenmore Lions, Erie Niagara Sunrise Exchange Club, Kenmore Rotary and the Zonta Club of Kenmore.

For more information on volunteering, call 874-3595.

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