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2017-11-15 / Police Blotter

Resident reports loud wind chimes

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Nov. 6

A caller reported three men trying car handles as they walked down Parkwood Avenue.

A Kinsey Avenue resident reported that someone hit her vehicle sometime overnight.

A caller reported that numerous vehicles come and go from a McKinley Avenue residence.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

A Shepard Avenue resident said someone stole her shoes.

Patrol reported a man garbage picking on Lincoln Avenue.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

A Shepard Avenue resident said she received an unwanted letter from someone with whom she is involved in small claims courts.

A Kenmore Avenue resident reported that her ex-fiance stole her phones and license.

A Chapel Road resident reported that someone entered her apartment and took several items.

A Crosby Avenue resident reported that there is a construction crew breaking up cement in front of her house and she feels it is too early and doesn’t want them there.

Thursday, Nov. 9

A Wardman Road resident reported seeing a suspicious person wearing a ski mask and carrying a baseball bat walking down the street.

A Hoover Avenue resident reported that she can hear a man and woman yelling at one another.

A West Girard Boulevard resident reported that her credit card was taken and purchases were made.

A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that her neighbor fell and can’t get up.

Friday, Nov. 10

A Kenmore Avenue resident reported that a man wearing a hoodie and backpack is knocking over all the garbage totes.

A Wabash Avenue resident reported loud wind chimes.

A Shepard Avenue resident called police to get assistance with opening a closet door.

Several calls reported a group of kids fighting on Enola Avenue.

Saturday, Nov. 11

A Kenmore Avenue resident reported that he is receiving harassing phone calls from someone.

A Shepard Avenue resident said she believes someone is in her garage.

A Eugene Avenue resident reported that her 7-year-old daughter is being disorderly and disobedient.

A Nassau Avenue resident reported finding needles on the ground.

Sunday, Nov. 12

A Palmer Avenue resident reported finding a lost dog in the neighborhood.

A caller said that there is a man hanging out of a second floor window who is coughing loudly and possibly vomiting.

A Kinsey Avenue resident said her neighbor is blowing his leaves into her yard.

A Delaware Avenue resident reported that someone is burning something in the basement. Total calls: 282

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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