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2017-12-06 / Police Blotter

Resident reports rats thrown on driveway

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Nov. 27

A caller reported a man in his 20s wearing a red jacket who came into his business and asked for money. The caller said the man left toward Kenmore Avenue.

A Tremaine Avenue resident reported that four Christmas-themed blow-up decorations were taken from her front lawn.

A Washington Avenue resident said a neighbor just threw two rats in her driveway.

An Elmwood Avenue resident reported hearing noises in the garage below her.

Tuesday, Nov. 28

A Kenmore Avenue resident reported that she asked residents in the apartment building to quiet down and now they are stomping louder out of spite.

A clerk at an Elmwood Avenue business reported an unwelcome customer in the store. The individual had been trying to purchase beer earlier in the day and was told he wasn’t welcome in the store.

A West Hazeltine Avenue resident came to the Police Department to report that her vehicle, a 2012 Ford Fusion, was parked in her garage and has been broken into numerous times. A $50 gift card along with approximately $100 in loose change has been taken.

A Stillwell Avenue resident reported that she is having problems with her downstairs neighbor regarding parking. She said she tried to talk to her about it and the neighbor pushed her against the wall.

Wednesday, Nov. 29

A Westgate Road resident said his neighbor is throwing garbage on his property.

A Stillwell Avenue resident reported that her 13-year-old grandson is out of control.

An individual reported that someone tried to break into his business on Military Road.

A Shepard Avenue resident reported wanting to speak to an officer about her 23-year-old granddaughter, who said she was going to New Jersey to meet a man she met on the internet.

Thursday, Nov. 30

A Euclid Avenue resident reported that when moving his car into the driveway, he noticed that someone had backed into the vehicle.

An individual reported a two-car accident in front of a Delaware Avenue business.

A Charleston Avenue resident reported getting unwanted calls and messages from his former girlfriend.

Friday, Dec. 1

A clerk at a Delaware Avenue business reported that a man and woman are swearing at him and refusing to leave.

A Kinsey Avenue resident reported a large husky-like dog in the area, heading toward Elmwood Avenue.

A Shepard Avenue resident reported that someone is disconnecting her phone.

Saturday, Dec. 2

A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported hearing a loud noise and coming outside to find his car’s rear window smashed.

A Delaware Avenue resident reported that loud noises are constantly coming from the apartment above him.

A caller reported that earlier in the evening she believes she was tricked into smoking marijuana from an electric cigarette.

A caller reported that a man on foot traveling east on West Hazeltine Avenue had an open container, was stumbling, and appears to be intoxicated.

Sunday, Dec. 3

A Columbia Boulevard resident reported that her Christmas extension cord was destroyed some time in the last week and someone drew a smile face at the end of the cord.

A caller reported that a young girl knocked on his door asking for money, which has happened before.

An individual reported a suspicious vehicle that has been parked in front of a Kenwood Avenue residence for the last day or so.

Total calls: 274

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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