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2018-01-10 / Police Blotter

Neighbor runs truck into side of home

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Jan. 1

A Nassau Avenue resident reported that his friend stole his car while he was sleeping.

An individual came to the Police Department to report that his credit card was used in Miami, Florida, without his permission.

A Delaware Avenue resident reported that his neighbor is trying to get into his closet from the basement. Tuesday, Jan. 2

An East Hazeltine Avenue resident said she believes she was scammed when trying to set up her new iPad.

A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that her ex-boyfriend is in the basement and she doesn’t want him in the house.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

A Kinsey Avenue resident reported a child locked inside a red Kia that is not running.

A Delaware Avenue resident reported a fight in the apartment above his. He said he can hear yelling, screaming and possible unknown weapons.

Thursday, Jan. 4

An Elmwood Avenue resident reported that she has no heat and can’t get in touch with her landlord.

A Nassau Avenue resident reported a stove fire with flames shooting out. All parties were out of the house.

Friday, Jan. 5

A Wabash Avenue resident reported that her neighbor ran his red truck into the side of her house.

A caller reported that a contracting service broke two branches from his tree.

Saturday, Jan. 6

A Hoover Avenue resident reported receiving a harassing phone call from an unknown caller.

A Lasalle Avenue resident reported that the inside door on the side of his neighbor’s home is wide open and his neighbor isn’t home.

A Tremaine Avenue resident reported an occupied blue vehicle that has been parked for approximately 45 minutes. The driver was waiting for a friend to go to the gym.

Sunday, Jan. 7

A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported that someone knocked on her door early in the morning and she wasn’t sure who it was. She requested extra patrol.

A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported larceny of some personal papers.

Total calls: 211

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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