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2018-02-07 / Editorial

Infrastructure a priority; projects move forward

Village of Kenmore Mayor

Despite some springlike days, winter continues. I want to thank the Department of Public Works crews for their outstanding work, not only in clearing the streets, but also in addressing waterline breaks.

Thankfully, our infrastructure improvement program has included replacement of several waterlines, which has significantly reduced the number of water breaks this season. Last year at this time, we had 71 water main breaks. This year, we’ve had only 24.

Infrastructure is a top priority at all levels of government, as we continue to face the needs of aging roads and water and sewer lines. The board of trustees and I are committed to addressing our infrastructure because we know how important it is to the longevity of the village.

These projects are very expensive, which is why we continue to look for grants and have borrowed money to fund these projects.

In the long run, improvement to our water and sewer lines improves the efficiency of the entire system and saves us money over time. We have a new pedestrian crosswalk at the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue, right in front of the police station. This crosswalk replaces the one at Mang and Elmwood avenues and will hopefully provide safer travels to the many pedestrians traveling to and from the park/pool and community center.

This is a pedestrian-activated crosswalk, which will flash lights, once the button is pressed, to alert drivers to stop. The installation of this crosswalk was part of our Elmwood Avenue Improvement Project.

And, speaking of the Elmwood Avenue Streetscape Project, Phase II is moving forward, which will provide new sidewalks, additional green space and new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps to the west side of Elmwood Avenue. Since Elmwood is a county road, we are currently working with the county to move this project forward.

I recently had the pleasure of touring the former Roosevelt Elementary School, which is now being used by the Falk School, under a long-term lease with the Ken-Ton School District.

It was amazing to see the many improvements to the school and to hear of the success of the students who attend.

I’m so glad to see the school used and providing such a great service to its students. My congratulations to the teachers and staff and to the interim superintendent of the Falk School, Dawn Mirand.

Also, please remember to keep fire hydrants in front of or near your property free of snow. And thank you for lending a helping hand to neighbors who have a tough time with shoveling.

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