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2018-02-07 / Front Page

New pedestrian crosswalk in Kenmore


To increase safety in the Village of Kenmore, there is now a new pedestrian-activated crosswalk at the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue, in front of the police station.

The crosswalk, which is solar powered, replaces the one that was previously located at Elmwood and Mang avenues.

“The location is a little safer, and it can be activated any time of the day,” said Kenmore Mayor Patrick Mang.

The installation of the crosswalk is part of the village’s Elmwood Avenue Improvement Project, which aims to make pedestrian and recreational bicycle access improvements along Elmwood.

According to the mayor, the improvements along the east side of the street, including sidewalk replacements, the restoration of green space and new benches for bus stops, are almost complete.

There is still work to be done on the west side of the street, which has to go to engineering, Mang added.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work in this village,” Mang said, adding that officials haven’t focused much on Elmwood. “It was high time that we start effort up there to make it more attractive to businesses and make it more pedestrian-friendly. It was a nice way to tie it all together.”

Mang is hoping that it will provide safer travels to the many pedestrians traveling to and from the park and community center.

“We look forward to finishing the project in the near future,” he said.

For more information on the Village of Kenmore, visit www.villageofkenmore.org.

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