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2018-02-07 / Local News

Legislators back Tonawanda’s effort to maintain supply of raw water

Erie County Legislators Peter Savage and Kevin Hardwick, whose districts include the Town of Tonawanda, have sponsored a resolution to support the steps the town is taking to preserve access to untreated river water to companies along the River Road industrial corridor.

The manufacturers are currently supplied with water by the Huntley Power Plant. Although Huntley ceased operations in 2016, it continues to supply these manufacturers with raw water, which is used as a coolant.

However, reports indicate that Huntley’s owner has indicated that it would like to stop providing this service, according to the Eire County Legislature. Tonawanda is exploring the possibility of building a $27.2 million water pumping station that would fill that void.

“These plants provide thousands of local jobs and contribute significant revenue to the Town of Tonawanda, Erie County and the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District,” Savage said. “If Huntley’s owner is going to terminate this service, we have to find another way to provide the nearby industrial users with the raw water they need. The Town of Tonawanda has been proactive about tackling this issue, and I believe that every level of government should support their efforts.

“This resolution calls for cooperation among county, state and federal officials to assist Tonawanda with obtaining the resources they need to investigate and potentially build this pumping station.”

“The industries along River Road are important to the welfare of the town,” Hardwick said. “This proposal helps to guarantee their continued viability and thus merits our support.”

The Savage-Hardwick resolution was approved by the Erie County Legislature at a session last week.

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