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2018-02-07 / Sports

Aquettes host meet at Sweet Home

The Town of Tonawanda Aquettes recently hosted a synchronized swimming competition at Sweet Home High School’s natatorium.

The meet focused on Figures for those swimmers age 15 and under and Junior Elements for those age 16 and over. Figures are specific technical components in which a swimmer is judged on a single position. Each swimmer competes alone against all of the other swimmers. The accuracy of position, plus the control, height and extension are evaluated and scored by a panel of judges. Junior Elements are newly required FINA components that must be performed in the technical routines.

The Aquettes had numerous top placements in every division and coaches and swimmers are looking forward to another successful competition year.

Novice Division
Age 8 and Under
1st – Kaylee Takas
2nd – Megan Hufnagel
3rd – Amelia Horan
Age 9-10
1st - Brinlee Greco
5th – Morgan Martin
Age 11-12
1st – Jossaline Ettinger
2nd – Mckenna O’Neil
Intermediate Division

Age 10 and Under
1st – Delaney O’Brocta
3rd - Kendall Gaume
5th – Maisy Fleming
7th – Brooke Raby
9th – Rachel Kluge
Age 13-15
1st – Madison Raby
2nd – Juliana Miller
Age 16 and Over
1st – Corinne Marciniak
2nd – Maddie Green
3rd – Elizabeth Arida
Age Group Division
Age 12 and Under
2nd – Sophie Poeller
3rd – Caitlin McNamara
8th – Veronica Horan
Age 13-15
1st – Brenna O’Brocta
2nd – Grace Melber
4th – Natalie Lesinski
6th – Maya Gentile
8th – Carly Ermer
Junior Element Division
Age 16-17
2nd – Lillianna Engelhaupt 4th - Claire Ermer
7th – Caleigh Alvarez
8th – Sydney McClaren
Age 18-19
1st – Madison Wall
The Aquettes have numerous programs suitable for
girls of all ages and skill levels. For more information on
the Aquettes, visit at
www.ttasynchro.com or contact head coach Karen Alvarez at 912-0427.

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