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2018-02-07 / Sports

Kenmore combined rifle team 6-6 through 12 matches


The Kenmore rifle team is shooting about as well as last year’s Section VI Title team, but local competition has stepped up this year.

The team is 6-6 on the season, but has lost plenty of close matches while putting up solid scores. One example was last week when the team tied Pioneer at 1,127, but lost on a tiebreaker. Meanwhile, they won sectionals last year with 1,138 points.

“Our record doesn’t speak to our performance,” Kenmore coach Kristina Brown said. “The kids have been right up there where they were last year. It’s just that the other teams have come up strong this year, they’ve met us where we have been at. It has been a very competitive year.”

The team features many of the same kids as last year’s team. Holly Kaiser, Chris Donn, Austin Orlowski and Bailey Begovich have been a solid top four this year. Nick Benden will round out that top five at sectionals.

“Our record isn’t where we’re at. All of our athletes are coming up and doing even better,” Brown said. “We’ve seen some of them have some of the top games this year. Holly Kaiser and Chris Donn have really improved the most. Austin Orlowski was very consistent too, he was really contributing.

The team is definitely strong in three position as we were last year.”

The team has two more matches left in the regular season. They took on Clarence Tuesday in a match that did not end by press time. They’ll also have Iroquois Thursday in the final match.

“Clarence is competitive,” Brown said. “They just shot a 1,151 last week. That’s well over what we had last season. If we both have a good day, it can be a competitive match.”

The team will have a full week of practice ahead of the Sectional Championship Match at Alden Feb. 17. They’ll be looking at Lancaster, Pioneer, Alden and Clarence as their strongest competition.

“We just really have to come out strong and be at the top of game and see what happens,” Brown said. “We have to step out and bring out our best. We have to come out and count on setting personal bests for everyone and fall wherever we fall. We just want to meet our goal, and if that comes with a win, that’s just extra. We’re really neck and neck. Lancaster, Pioneer, Clarence and Alden — we’ve beaten some and they’ve also beaten us. It’s been back and forth. It will come down to whoever comes ready to win that day.”

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