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2018-02-14 / Local News

Legislation supports state aid for emergency responders

Erie County legislators recently passed a resolution introduced by the Minority Caucus, Legislators Joe Lorigo, Ed Rath, John Mills and Kevin Hardwick, to support bipartisan state legislation that would allow emergency responders to apply for and receive state aid for which they are not currently eligible.

The Senate bill introduced by state Sen. Patty Ritchie and Assembly bill introduced by Assemblyman Billy Jones would classify emergency medical services as essential services for the purpose of state aid.

By classifying emergency medical services as “essential services,” several new funding sources will be made available to organizations, according to information from the Erie County Legislature.

“We have over 94 volunteer fire departments in Erie County. These are individuals that offer their time and often put themselves in danger to protect our community. We should be attempting to open up as many funding opportunities as possible for these departments,” Mills said.

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