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2018-03-14 / Police Blotter

Resident reports food on her engine

Village of Kenmore

Monday, March 5

• A Tremaine Avenue resident reported a dark-colored car that has been in the area for approximately 30 minutes with the lights on, which seem to be getting dimmer.

• An East Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that her son’s father is outside repeatedly ringing the doorbell and knocking on the windows, trying to get in for 30 minutes.

• A woman reported an unknown person yelling and swearing, creating a disturbance, while walking on Delaware Road.

Tuesday, March 6

• A caller reported a barefoot woman wearing gray sweatpants and a blue jacket yelling and screaming at the corner of Nassau Avenue and Winchester Place.

• A caller reported a vehicle that just ran into a tree.

• A Colvin Boulevard resident reported a man in an orange reflective jacket who is carrying a clipboard, and walking around the area.

Wednesday, March 7

• A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that an ex-girlfriend is knocking on all the windows and doors.

• A Victoria Boulevard resident reported that someone entered her unlocked car that was parked in her driveway overnight and took loose change and tossed items around inside the vehicle.

Thursday, March 8

• A Hoover Avenue resident reported that his upstairs neighbor is walking too hard and it’s disturbing to him.

• A Wardman Road resident reported a boy, around 14 years old, walking around in red shorts and a white T-shirt. She said she is concerned for his welfare because he isn’t dressed for the cold weather.

Friday, March 9

• A Nassau Avenue resident reported finding a yellow lab running loose on her street. She said the dog didn’t have tags. Patrols dropped the dog off at the West Seneca shelter.

Saturday, March 10

• An Elmwood Avenue resident reported that somebody left food on the engine of her vehicle.

• A passerby reported a woman who is parked in a red Honda at a residence at Crosby and Delaware avenues appears to be intoxicated.

• An Elmwood Avenue resident said she believes that two people broke into her house and basement space while she was in the hospital.

• A Victoria Boulevard resident reported that his 25-year-old son is out of control and walking down Victoria Boulevard toward Delaware.

Sunday, March 11

• A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported a suspicious black vehicle parked in front of his residence.

• A Kenmore Avenue resident reported a red vehicle parked in a back parking lot with three subjects inside. She said they appear to be smoking marijuana.

Total calls: 228

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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