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2018-03-14 / Sports

All-Bee selection process explained

Being selected for an All-Bee Team is an honor that the recipients are proud to receive, not just because it looks good, but also because opposing coaches see how valuable a player each recipient is to his or her team — which is why The Bee has once again put together all-star hockey teams for the male players at schools within The Bee’s coverage area to come up with the 2017-18 All-Bee Boys Hockey Team.

The voting process for the All-Bee Team is completely in the hands of the coaches of teams in the Bee’s coverage area. At the end of the season, each coach was contacted and asked to submit a list of their top starters, by position, from which the nominated players list was created. Upon receiving each team’s starting lineup, coaches were then mailed a ballot and the list of nominated players from which to choose.

Each coach was asked to vote for three forwards, two defensemen and one goalie they felt was most deserving of all-star status. Coaches, who also cast ballots for a Coach of the Year, were not allowed to vote for their own players. Additionally, coaches were asked to select an overall Most Valuable Player from the six players on their ballot.

Each vote was worth one point. The total points were compiled, which determined the order of the All-Bee Teams. The player with the most points, regardless of position, was named the Most Valuable Player. Depending on whether that person was a forward, defenseman or goalie, the next player or players in line — three forwards, two defensemen or one goalie — who received the most votes were named the First Team All-Stars. Those with the second-most votes were named Second Team All-Stars, while the player receiving the third-most votes were named Honorable Mention All-Stars.

As hoped for, every coach who was sent a ballot and list of nominees responded with a completed ballot.

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