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2018-04-25 / Police Blotter

Caller reports canceled food order

Village of Kenmore

Monday, April 16

• A caller reported that he is being harassed by an ex-employee, who was fired last week.

• A woman reported that she was involved in a two-car property-damage-only traffic accident on Mang Avenue at Delaware Avenue.

Tuesday, April 17

• A Keller Avenue resident reported that he found his truck’s back window broken.

• A Euclid Avenue resident reported that his neighbor has been running his vehicle for at least a half-hour and he feels it is extremely loud.

• A caller said there is a man with a brown coat who doesn’t have any money to pay for his food.

Wednesday, April 18

• An officer reported finding an oven door in the middle of Military Road. The door was moved to the curb.

• A Delaware Avenue business reported that it received a large order, and roughly an hour later it received a call to cancel the order after the food was already made.

• A Wardman Drive resident reported that she is being harassed via phone by a man who works with her daughter.

Thursday, April 19

• A person reported that a male employee is intoxicated and acting belligerently toward other staff members.

• A Kenmore Avenue resident reported that a person in the apartment building is pounding on the floor.

• A Colvin Boulevard business employee reported that a skinny, elderly man, dressed in a black striped hat and black jacket and jeans, is bothering customers and asking for money.

Friday, April 20

• A Lasalle Avenue resident reported that there are some feral kittens living at the rear of his house.

• A Parkwood Avenue resident reported that her vehicle was entered sometime between Wednesday and Thursday night. She said several items, including her wallet, were taken.

Saturday, April 21

• A caller reported that there is a regular bicycle with some type of motor attached being operated on the sidewalk and roadway on Elmwood Avenue.

Sunday, April 22

• A Delaware Road resident said he recently moved into his new apartment and believes that somebody is breaking in and leaving marks on his property.

Total calls: 209

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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