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2018-05-16 / Local News

Monsignor gives back through his word


Lorenzetti Lorenzetti Monsignor Dino Lorenzetti’s voice has been heard throughout the years within the walls of his churches. He is known for opening Mass with: “Blessings to you beautiful people of faith.”

Now, his voice also resonates with others through the pages of a book. The 96-year-old — who celebrates Mass at St. John the Baptist Church in Kenmore and St. Martha’s Parish in Depew — wrote the book titled “Seven Minute Homilies.”

He started the book in the fall, and copies were ready to be in people’s hands around Christmastime.

Although Monsignor Lorenzetti did not set out to write a book, he was influenced by someone who told him about admiring his sermons while sitting in a physical therapy waiting room.

Then, Sharon Ricchiazzi, who is Monsignor Lorenzetti’s friend, suggested that he compile them into a book. According to St. John the Baptist School, the monsignor replied: “Do you know how much time and work that would take?”

“I was surprised when he called the next evening and said, ‘I will do it because you think it is important,’ and we started the next day,” Ricchiazzi said, adding that she offered her help.

According to the school, the homilies compiled in the book are from the monsignor’s last three years of Masses he celebrated at both St. John’s and St. Martha’s parishes.

Ricchiazzi describes the monsignor as being a humble man who “always gives the credit to God.”

“Having all the proceeds from this book donated to St. John’s and St. Martha’s schools is his ‘little way’ of giving back to these parishes, their pastors and the families,” she said. “Monsignor hopes his homilies will be used by people as they see fit. In fact, recently when some young seminarians joined him for lunch, he gave them each a copy of the book. He looks at this project as his words living on when he is gone.”

Ricchiazzi believes it is a gift for anyone to have the monsignor’s words. She says he keeps his homilies in his pocket, and she has never seen him read from a piece of paper — he just recites them out loud.

“As I sat and typed each homily, I could hear his words in my head and visualize his mannerisms. Monsignor is a precious gift, readily available to everyone, and puts others before himself at all times. He is a true man of faith and inspires those around him to be the best versions of themselves possible.”

“Seven Minute Homilies” is currently available at St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore, at 877-6401, or St. Martha’s Parish (Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament School) in Depew, at 685-2544.

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