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2018-07-11 / Local News

El-Behairy vows to stand up for individuals being left behind by federal government

Carima El-Behairy, the endorsed Democratic candidate running for the 60th Senate District, recently pledged to stand up for residents of New York State whom the federal government is leaving behind.

“This past week saw several blows to women’s reproductive rights, union and workers’ rights, and asylum seekers’ rights by the federal government,” El-Behairy said. “Together with the new vacancy on the Supreme Court, it is clear that New Yorkers need stronger leadership in Albany who will fight back on the state level.”

The candidate added that New York State can be a Democratic bulwark against the actions of the Republican-led federal government supported by incumbent State Sen. Chris Jacobs.

“We must fight like never before to ensure New York stands up and defends the American values we will proudly celebrate this upcoming Independence Day. Democrats must take that message to the voting booth,” she said.

El-Behairy is a small business owner with a record of service to the region’s arts, education and health organizations. She is running on a platform of quality education, particularly universal prekindergarten, health care access and affordability, election reform, and economic development with preservation, a statement from her campaign said.

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