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2018-08-08 / Police Blotter

Small white dog eludes officers in overnight chase

Village of Kenmore

Monday, July 30

• A Chapel Road resident reported that a man going by the name “Vadim” had robbed her of $220 and her phone, and was headed to an apartment in the building known as “Tina’s house” to buy heroin and cocaine. Responding officers spoke to the occupants of “Tina’s house,” and found no one named Tina or Vadim there.

• Officers were called twice to a Delwood Road building after a tenant claimed that the man in the apartment above him was smoking marijuana and the smell was reaching him through the air conditioning system. On both occasions responding officers did not smell the drug.

Tuesday, July 31

• A man on West Hazeltine Avenue told police he needed help obtaining property from a female friend. After officers transported him to the corner of Kenmore Avenue and Main Street to obtain said property, the man discovered he wasn’t missing anything.

• Police responded to an address on Lincoln Boulevard after a woman reported that a cab driver was acting aggressively because her suitcases would not fit in the cab. Officers said the woman called for a larger cab.

Wednesday, Aug. 1

• A man called police to report that a white Kia Sorrento with front end damage, a cracked windshield and Colorado plates had been parked in front of a house on Kinsey Avenue for weeks. The responding officer noted that the car was legally parked and advised the owner of the damage.

• Police received a report that an American bulldog with no tags had just run into a business on Elmwood Avenue. Officers determined the incident was a Town of Tonawanda matter and notified the appropriate officials.

Thursday, Aug. 2

• A Somerton Avenue resident came to police headquarters to report that she was being harassed by her landlord. The tenant said she had refused to pay her rent because her landlord would not spray her apartment for bedbugs. Officers advised the woman that the issue was a civil matter and told her to call police if the landlord continued the harassment.

• Police responded to Westgate Road after a woman reported that a man in her backyard was screaming for help, and claimed a cab driver was going to shoot him. Responding officers found that the distressed individual was having a dispute with the cab driver, and returned him to his mother’s residence.

Friday, Aug. 3

• An Enola Avenue resident told police at approximately 2:45 a.m. that two teenage girls sitting on a porch nearby were talking loudly and keeping the neighbor awake. Officers advised one of the girls to keep her voice down.

• Police responded to Military Road for the report of a silver Chevrolet Malibu being driven recklessly near Mang and Elmwood avenues. The operator of the vehicle told officers he was just driving home from work.

Saturday, Aug. 4

• A Washington Avenue resident who police said was intoxicated told officers his friend “Brock” would not leave his house. Officers could not find the second man, who was also believed to be intoxicated, when responding to the address.

• Police received a call from a woman at a Columbia Boulevard address who said there was bat flying around in her office. The responding officer gave her a state Department of Health rabies form and advised her to call an exterminator.

Sunday, Aug. 5

• A woman told police that she heard adults and children screaming outside her house on Parkwood Avenue. Responding officers advised a woman outside, who was smoking a cigarette.

• Police received a report that a small, white dog was loose on Elmwood Avenue near Lincoln Boulevard. Responding officers attempted to capture the dog “throughout the night without success.”

• A clerk at 7-Eleven reported at roughly 5 a.m. that a man inside a white Hyundai in the store’s parking lot had been asleep for 30 minutes and was not waking up. Responding officers discovered the man was drunk and charged him with driving while intoxicated.

Total calls: 219

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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