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2018-09-12 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Regarding the article in The Bee about Tonawanda Coke again. I understand all the complaints. I can understand all the residents in that area. Again, you and me living in the town knew about all these companies along the River Road stretch, of which Tonawanda Coke is a part. They have all been breaking the laws, either contaminating the ground or water, but to keep blaming all the destruction in the air and ground all on one company, I find it too hard to understand. I can’t believe that the politicians can’t get together to penalize all the companies. What are we going to do with another dump site, if Tonawanda Coke closes? What about the 100 people who will lose their jobs? Get the upper politicians involved to condemn the entire strip, not just one company. All or none.

.Has anyone heard if the Town of Tonawanda is going to do anything about the 19 houses on Athens Boulevard that had sewer backup in their basements during the last heavy rainfall on Aug. 17 into Saturday, Aug. 18? I lost everything that day in my finished basement. I do think we should have a town sewer meeting as soon as possible, or do we wait for another heavy rainfall? What really aggravates me is they purged the street sewers two days after the sewer backup in my finished basement. Are they just going to ignore us?

.Now that school has resumed, I’d like to remind parents and grandparents that most Sunday schools are back in session, too. There is generally no charge to join, and regular attendance is not only fun but pays big dividends in peace, love and respect for families. Give it a try.

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