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2018-09-12 / Local News

Bee’s Football Squares Contest involves readers

With the NFL season now officially under way, it’s time to play The Bee’s Football Squares Contest.

Just like with normal football squares, readers pick the merchant with the scores from each team that they think will result in the final score. The ad is published each week.

Each merchant has two numbers to increase the odds of a reader winning. For example, if you think the final score will be Buffalo 23 and New England 17, pick the merchant that has Buffalo with a 3 and New England with a 7.

Enter the selection online at www.BeeNews.com, where all winning entries will be put into a weekly drawing. One reader’s entry will be randomly selected from that pool of entries to win the “Prize of the Week.” Prizes are to be determined.

A private group is another way to have some friendly competition between co-workers, friends or family.

Readers are allowed to pick squares right up until one minute prior to kickoff of the game.

The regular season contest is for 16 weeks, excluding the bye week of Nov. 18.

If Buffalo makes it to the playoffs, The Bee will run a separate contest for each week that they are playing.

Additionally, The Bee contest now includes the Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 3.

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