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2018-09-12 / Police Blotter

Police say people can’t picnic in park at midnight

Village of Kenmore
Monday, Sept. 3

• An anonymous caller reported that two men in a dark Chevrolet Impala were driving down Victoria Boulevard with the doors open, and were “possibly checking cars.” The responding officer searched Victoria, Westgate Road and Mang Avenue, but did not see the men.

• Police received a recorded message indicating that someone was stuck in the elevator of a building on Kenmore Avenue. The responding officer found a man who had locked himself out of his apartment and helped him get in. Approximately 30 minutes later, police received another recorded message indicating that someone was stuck in the elevator at the same address. The responding officer found a woman who could not get into her apartment, and helped her gain entry.

• A resident of Crosby Avenue told police that her son was receiving unwanted texts from a suspicious person on his new cellphone. The responding officer said the texter probably had the wrong number and that he would have the number blocked.

• Police received a call from the tenant of a house on Mang Avenue who said she was having a dispute with her upstairs neighbor and a woman she did not know, who was pounding on her door. Officers said she was otherwise vague on details.

Tuesday, Sept. 4

• A resident of Delwood Road told police a red pickup had been parked in front of his house for several days. The responding officer located the car and noted that it was legally parked.

• Police received a call from the tenant of a house on Victoria Boulevard who said an alarm was going off in her landlord’s apartment and she was unable to contact her. The responding officer made contact with the landlord, who said she had been asleep.

• A resident of Delaware Road told police that his girlfriend got angry and stole his phone after he told her he was moving out. Officers called his girlfriend and told her to return the phone.

• Police received a report that a man in jeans and a sun hat was urinating in bushes at the corner of Wabash and Elmwood avenues. The man was located by police at the corner of Elmwood and Lasalle Avenue and arrested. An appearance ticket was issued.

Wednesday, Sept. 5

• Police discovered two people in a vehicle in Mang Park at midnight, who said they were having a picnic. They were advised that the park was closed.

• A resident of Lasalle Avenue told police that her neighbors’ dog and cat were going in and out of an upstairs window of her neighbors’ house while they were away. Police left a message for the owners, and a neighbor said he would secure the window.

• Police investigated a report that a 6-foot-3-inch man weighing 230 to 240 pounds was possibly armed and in the village in the vicinity of Kenmore Avenue. Buffalo police located the subject at the corner of Elmwood and Hinman avenues and said they would handle the situation.

Thursday, Sept. 6

• There was an anonymous call that a resident of Stillwell Avenue was “outside yelling to no one.” The responding officer found the woman in question on her porch and told her to keep her voice down. She agreed.

• A resident of Lincoln Avenue told police that mail was piling up at her neighbor’s house, the trash needing to be taken out, and the grass was getting tall. The responding officer spoke to a woman living at the house, who said she was watching it for the owner who was in New York City, who had not left her a key. The officer secured the house to prevent illegal entry.

• Police responded to De- Salvo's Meats & Eats on Delaware Avenue after the fire alarm system at the business was activated. The responding officer found burnt food and a false alarm.

• A resident of Stillwell Avenue reported that a suspicious woman was sitting on the grass. The responding officer told the woman to move along.

Friday, Sept. 7

• An employee of Paddock Chevrolet called police wanting to speak about a rental car that “has been missing for a while.” Police located the driver of the car, who said he would be returning it later that day.

• Police received a call from a resident of Victoria Boulevard who said her carbon monoxide detector was going off but no one was ill and she was outside. The responding officer told her to replace the detector’s batteries.

• A man in the parking lot of a Knights of Columbus hall on Kenmore Avenue told police he had been robbed at gunpoint by a black man in his mid-30s, wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, whom he believed was headed in the direction of Military Road. Responding officers discovered upon investigation that the incident took place on the south side of Kenmore Avenue in the City of Buffalo, and notified Buffalo police.

Saturday, Sept. 8

• Police received a call from a resident of Wabash Avenue, who reported that a car struck a fire hydrant, then turned around and drove toward Delaware Avenue. Police notified the village’s Department of Public Works of the damage to the hydrant.

• An anonymous caller reported that a red car “blasting loud, vulgar music” was on Marquette Avenue. The responding officer observed that the music had been turned down upon arrival.

Sunday, Sept. 9

• Police received a call from a resident of Shepard Avenue, who said there was a dead animal in the middle of the road. The responding officer took the animal to the village’s Department of Public Works.

• A driver headed south on Delaware Avenue told police he was being followed by an angry motorist who was giving him the finger. The driver showed up at police headquarters several minutes later and reported that the motorist had crashed into his car at the corner of Victoria Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue, then hit a “no parking” sign nearby.

Total calls: 232

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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