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2018-10-10 / Sports

St. Joe’s soccer moves to 14-3 with win over McKinley


St. Joe’s moved to 14-3 on the season Monday when the team defeated McKinley 4-2. Joe Fronczak scored three goals to continue his excellent year while Mark Varallo had one.

“We finished, which is something that we’ve been struggling with for the past couple of games,” St. Joe’s coach Michael Thoin said. “The finishing was much better. We’re still ahead of the curve for as young as we are.”

The record comes as something of a surprise for a St. Joe’s team that lost a bevy of seniors and came into the season with one of the youngest teams Thoin has ever coached. The team has a strong group of juniors and even sophomores, which is unusual for the program.

“I just had a bunch of my alum here today, they came down here from St. Bonaventure to watch the game,” Thoin said. “I told them that I wouldn’t have bet money that we would be 14-3 right. They’re very young, but they’re playing very well. They’re fun to watch.”

Fronczak has been among the team’s top players, with 21 goals so far this year. He’ll have a puncher’s chance at breaking the program’s record of 28 goals. Captains Evan Benz and Matthaeus Hendricks have both played well as captains. Max Kwitchoff and Paul Recktenwald have also been impressive for the Marauders.

“We’ve possessed the ball and worked real hard to keep it,” Thoin said. “We move it around, we don’t keep it too long. We move it pretty quick. When we’re really on our game, we’re really hard to beat. But if we don’t play the way we should, we can get beat up. If we take the extra dribble, we can get planted.”

The team has just two games left in the season and can clinch the Monsignor Martin regular-season title and top seed for the playoffs with a win or tie against Canisius Thursday. They’ll close out the regular season with a game against Bishop Timon Tuesday.

To get the win over the Crusaders, they’ll need to play the way they did in last month’s 2-0 win on the road against Canisius.

“We have to play the way we did when we were at Canisius the first game,” Thoin said. “We possessed the ball. Everyone had a good work ethic, they worked their tails off and nobody hung onto it too long. They moved the ball and made Canisius chase it a little bit. They cashed the chances that they got. I expect it to be a normal St. Joe’s-Canisius game, full of emotion and physicality. Both teams should be wiped out by the end of the game Thursday.”

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